Brian Pallister’s PCs win majority government in Manitoba | Power & Politics

Brian Pallister’s PCs win majority government in Manitoba | Power & Politics
Brian Pallister’s PCs win majority government in Manitoba | Power & Politics
Are the federal election campaign gets underway has come to an aggressive conservative to the fact that the NDP, despite the majority of his party majority, has pretty one rather picked up for new seat tremendously pleased to say we have just captured the biggest back-to-back majority governments in The history of province of Manitoba and the largest popular support ever obtained by any organization and puts a tremendous sense of obligation on all of us to make sure that we pursue the agenda. The manitoban supported yesterday, which is to go forward and make the improvements to a reducing taxes, increasing effective delivery of healthcare and training job opportunities for manitobans that we’ve been focusing on. I’M excited about that over four years. Will that be back ended? How much money will manitoban see up front in the next budget Investments on top of what have been record Investments that we’ve been making, but we did inherit a mess in healthcare here in Manitoba, dead last on emergency wait times and in many many procedural categories. According to the Canadians to the health information, and we didn’t inherit some of the highest welde highest ambulance fees in Canada, we produced those by half and according to the latest chi-hi reports, we are leading the country and reducing emergency weights. But there’s more progress to be made, as you know, I mean the population is aging, the realities are higher demands and most categories, and so these significant Investments committed to making a have to be made effectively in Welland will be made throughout the next turn so that We continue to leave the country and obtaining better results, better care, Sooners the model, but it’s the reality. What we’re doing and what we need to do as we go forward are focused on. I understand the big that the number that that was promised – and I understand that you have to decide how best to have most effectively to use that money. But there are a lot of promises made by a lot of governments about big money and a lot of it ends up being very much back. Ended shows up in that first mandated all. Are you committed to spending that two billion dollars over four years, and can you tell manitobans whether it will all be back into it over there there’s a lot of it coming soon balance between the ongoing operating costs and will be increasing as we hire more nurses As we recruit more Physicians as we hire more paramedics, and those costs of course, will be incumbent on that hiring which is planned right now, so those costs and those investments will be made immediately. The capital Investments which will comprise by my memory about half of that commitment are things like the expansion of emergency rooms, the well Improvement in neglected maintenance, end and foundational repairs of some of our Healthcare facilities. Sadly, and also in terms of things like purchasing new ambulances and things like that, new equipment, MRI equipment, that’s on an ongoing basis and it I expect that accelerate as we lead the way and working with other premiers and other provinces to coordinate procurement and to do A better job of purchasing and spending money that the same decisions that people make logically in their own homes haven’t been made among government for a long time, and we need to do a better job, not just on pharmaceutical drugs, which I expect to be a topic. Obviously, in the federal election campaign, but on major equipment, major purchases and many other categories, we have to do a better job. So there’s long answer your question: yeah the ongoing commitments. Obviously are there they’re real and we’re prepared to make them? Your problem is spoken out against it. Doug Ford, also against that recently made comments to the effect that if the conservatives were to lose or the Liberals were to win that, the issue would be decided essentially by the people in that election, rather than the courts. To agree with, I know I don’t, but I do agree that it’ll be obviously a topic of discussion, among can Canadians as it should be. Sadly, as you and I you know talked about before vacchi, we should be fighting climate to change together. We should be fighting carbon together, not fighting on a carbon tax and fighting about. That is what has happened as a result of federal approach. It doesn’t need to be that way, and so you know with Manitoba’s green plan, which is, according to minister McKenna, the most advanced best plan put forward. We are advancing things like the most stringent to additive rule for cleaning additives. Ethanol. I really did biodiesel fuels we’re advancing conservation trust strategies to improve the quality of Water Management are soiled. Our air is going to benefit from that we’ve invested and we will be investing more in green energy with Hydro projects per capita than any other Province. Yet the federal government says they’re going we’ve already paid and we’re going to continue paying for years to come because of our green Investments. We deserve more respect than we’ve seen from the federal government on this end. If we have to go to court, which I would prefer, we didn’t., We will and we will win, because we have a better Landon ottawa’s proposing to demand on our problems or not indicate something to him about the Canadians about Canadian voters and their perspective on on The on the federal carbon tax would it would it not indicate the same to you desire to see us address green issues? Surely that’s not the issue? There are Myriad number of ways to do that effectively. I wouldn’t take Trudeau win to signify that impose carbon tax on Manitoba makes sense, is logical or fair in any way. That is not argument that can be made by the outcome of the federal election. It surely won’t be fought on one issue and we fought on many, but I would say this: the federal government has chosen to make exceptions for other provinces in terms of accepting their so-called tax plan, while not recognizing that we’re already doing those things in Manitoba. So because of that unfairness at blatant unfairness and my dad, they have set the stage for us to win and Cordon to allow I made in Manitoba green plan to be adopted, which is what Manitoba and what we are going to do here. We’Re not for a auto imposed style tax plan, we’re for a Madman until the green plant, so we’ll take every Avenue. We have to stand up for Manitoba’s best interest and will continue who fight for better stewardship and will Implement policies for better stewardship of our environmental resources, because that is who we are here. In Manitoba, Oishi capello’s host of Power & politics see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC News Channel or click the link for another video. Thanks for watching
Brian Pallister’s Progressive Conservatives won a second majority government in the Manitoba election.
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