Briefing Room: Manafort trial begins, Facebook security, John Kelly staying?, 98 days to Midterms

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Briefing Room: Manafort trial begins, Facebook security, John Kelly staying?, 98 days to Midterms
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ramifications are our immigration laws are border security event at complete and total disaster for decades and there’s no way to Democrats will allow it to be fixed without a government shutdown he goes on to say in a second tweet border security is National dirty and national-security is the long-term viability of our country the government shutdown is a very small price to pay for a safe and prosperous America maryalice were watching this he coming into the midterms he’s hitting the campaign Trail tonight really want to shut down she bites but he’s all alone running a hard time finding one Republican that supports them on this idea especially in the lead-up to the midterms Republicans they control every branch and yet they pass only a few built a few big piece of legislation not nearly everything they wanted to get done and so they shut down the government just weeks before the midterms it could really backfire and that’s immigration now is what he watches on no Republican and Democrats really going to hold her for the wall do you want comprehensive immigration reform the last time I sent it took that out it was months of negotiations it was a bipartisan gang of eight stay past it with more than 6 of Glee was 68 to 32 votes and it went nowhere in the house and it took them 4 tell her to come to any kind of an agreement let alone on a ticking clock that they’re up against now with the government shutdown I think that’s something we all should wonder is when the shutdown would occur before the midterms and jeopardizing would it be after taking over unders on that maybe I don’t know you heard from sources up on Capitol Hill they took these out too far and they didn’t pass him right there he’s walking at Andrews Air Force Base heading down there campaign for Ron DeSantis Tyrone talk about that more in a minute but you seem boarding Air Force Ones for anyone to get back in town if the president did shut down the government over this it would be the third time this year that has Mary Alice said they control the house the Senate and Republican president safe that I shutdown occurred on their watch in the first time Single part of immigration and we know that the president is hell-bent on this wall and he says it every single day every rally will probably going to hear it again tonight in Florida when he goes down there the hot issue for him so sure but when it can bring out his base supporters after they can also bring that one but there’s something else and we’re watching today and that is the first trial a special counsel Robert Mueller Paul manafort the one-time campaign chairman for Donald Trump he is on trial in the eastern district of Virginia my colleague Catherine fall this is the watching this with our team most of the day and Catherine we know now the jury is seated they are ready to go opening statements are actually going to get started today durresi at 6 months 6 women predominantly white the judge would all this down from a group of 65 people John this does tfls is known as the rocket docket for his speed and he nickname today the jury is seated we’re going to Care opening statement I just want to tell you how we get the information out of this that you can see behind me no cell phone just pen and pad to of our a producer’s warm Pro and Trish Turner besides that one of our PA is only before and she runs into the courtroom all the way up to the 94th and then come down here with the note so that’s how we’re getting information here and she’s just run out again with another pile of notes that I think is just from the opening statements by the jury seated in well underway here John ABC free gym membership Katherine the other thing we know about this trial for the weather we’re not going to here in this case it’s a word that starts with letter t word is Trump Witnesses are instructed from our sources also it’s not supposed to mention Russia or collusion now of course this is a separate Rio from the DC one this one is accused of financial crimes that includes the tax evasion and bank fraud John died give you a little bit of the color from inside this courtroom during jury selection you Kevin Downing of Paul manafort sweet attorney jokes what is Jaja and I was telling you about it has a sense of humor looks back and he says I’m looking forward to yelling at recess but like you can imagine Trump is not supposed to be brought up but I still would predict that president Trump couldn’t couldn’t answer this one he said that this is an unfair trial he’s synced to distance himself from Paul manafort but has a stood by him and a lot of those squeeze in those public statement that Winston Al Capone and other and I know you’re watching that with us stick with us going to bring it back a little later for another topic but I do want to move on cuz the other than that were watching today it’s Facebook back in the news they taken down 32 Pages profile potentially from far and adversaries and really Mary Alice is coming right into election season where the president is called this all fake there was nobody going after elections and we know in 2016 we had multiples that all government agency he’s intelligent she’s saying that Russia did in fact influence and metal in our elections and clearly them and others try and do it again midterm that it’s happening again and Facebook is essentially saying today yes it is and we’re trying to do something about it but what are the three questions out of today is what is the federal government working across agencies we’ve yet to see one cohesive effort to to stop it and I’m curious you know you were out recently covering some of the primaries were watching in Washington Washington State not DC I’m putting you hearing from people any conversations are topics about people that recognize that this is a real thing things like health care and jobs public education but it’s a constant conversation what did you see on Facebook this is a real ad campaign true there’s a concern heightened alert I’m voters about what they’re seeing and if they should trust it and that’s just his training because it’s not like they’re just saying bad things about the Kennedys they’re going into social issues do we know black lives matter has been a big issue for them it’s really a very wise SWAT and is there spending money on these Platforms in order to advertise the question of who is this advertisement actually coming from is it coming from the campaign or is it coming from a candidate or is it coming from one of these Russian trolls at according to Facebook I found at least 32 account they removed about a hundred and fifty as totaling $11,000 the first I was just created in April 2017 the last in June 2018 so will Facebook isn’t saying yes this is all politically they’re saying there’s political undertones to all of these accounting questions on financial and billions of dollars when news was coming out can we watch this specially with her 97 days too Switching gears that there’s another little Staffing development over at the White House so usually it’s how long you staying couple months maybe 6 months maybe a year currently John Kelly said he staying till 2020 he said this in a senior staff meeting yesterday was in a row out with many other individuals that were allegedly on a growing short list to take his job but Kelly told people in the room that he is staying he’s not going anywhere I want to bring an ABC’s Jordan Phelps over the White House she’s been tracking this story with us today and Jordan pretty talking because we have been reporting for several months it was a growing list anyone from Nick Ayers over the vice president’s office or Mick Mulvaney take the job Kelly hit that one-year mark on the job as white house chief of staff part of what might be going on here is we know the president loves to call out the fake news and there has been so much speculation to do we know that Kelly there been conversations internally about him on his future is next step we knew that there was this list of not reporting still on the president apparently came to this decision yesterday that he is going to stay on the job and Kelly senior official told me in a separate meeting Kelly said 24 horse feed through the end of a second term should the president be elected start taking baths now we’ll see if Kelly last through 2020 let alone 2024 this is a grueling jobs in common for cheapest stuff to move on after sticking around at least that’s what they want us to think that against you but I really don’t want to lose 20 bucks today because she is done a lot of reporting on this big piece around a Kelly’s one year and Catherine you’ve been talkin to sources today is well what is this feel like from what people are saying to me it’s almost like you know kind of what we’re going to be here don’t worry especially if the president is getting a little antsy get towards the midterms and he’s definitely going to answer me and I think you’re inside the White House it and you probably do it this year dealing with two accounts are half of the folks we spoke to before our story said that in Kelly’s departure the minute we know that he’s been fed out that he’s been increasingly Sidelines and meeting so you know the addition of a bill Shine the Deputy Chief of Staff for communications Kelly wasn’t involved in that hire sing us out until the fall so in in line in line with saying it’s through the midterms but it is no question that he has been increasingly is Sidelines in the White House reporting and then he’s coming to work later but just remember that was after I’m the president announced to be a tweets that he was appointed John Kelly by the way an announcement that came unexpected to a stupid stuff to his to Kelly who hadn’t even accepted the job yet he was currently at Homeland Security is President Trump a told reporters on the Northline Kelly could be here I’m all 7 years and a source close to the White House said Kelly quotes he has adopted the Rex Tillerson Mantra if he wants to get rid of me fire me so I think that’s where we are staying put for now for sure everyone jumping on this morning that’s a red flag the job is certainly been redefined from sources we’ve been talking to an interesting is that Kelly who seem to want all-encompassing control is sort of surrendering to the Trump style of doing business is really interesting the other Donald said if we got a lot to me man I don’t need a chief of staff up in the moment he’s got one that’s going to stay till 2020 Katherine thank you for insight on that appreciate it what should get back to Mana fortuity a lot going on there there is other news tonight and it’s another rally the president came down to restore him earlier I departing on Air Force One he’s going to be going down there to campaign maryalice for Ron DeSantis was clearly a very loyal Trump supporter that’s why he earned the president’s endorsement the president before the president’s endorsement and sowing the present kind of ruffled some feathers from traditional Republicans in the state that kind of like the other guy really interesting to see how close the primary ends up primaries at the end of the month and the president has promised the campaign more and more as we get closer to the midterm family for the president everyone knows my husband Ron DeSantis is endorsed by President Trump he’s also an amazing dad Ron loves playing with the kids build the wall you’re fired I love that part he’s teaching Madison to talk make America great again people say Ryan’s all Trump but he is so much more Ron DeSantis Florida right now he came into the office is relatively young and he’s going to this governorship the questions going to be if that a diff backing Trump fully will work in Florida the district he represents have gone for Obama in the past and so we could easily be cry to those former Obama supporters to come out or it could see this District completely flip cuz they’ve gone back and forth Republican Democrat Republican Democrat and so whether or not that actually work to his Advantage is going to be a? When the general election does Roller risky to play that card in the primary to make it to the primary but then apparently that’s the calculator crack in the Rays tweeted response Donald Trump I know Rhonda Santa’s told you Tampa is close to st. Petersburg but he didn’t mean Putin’s STP a way to get under Donald Trump’s skin so we’ll see if he engages more in this race clearly tonight and Jordan Phelps we know that and the last couple days we’ve been hearing from sources that the president itching to get on the campaign Trail he wants to increase his stop 6 to 7 times a week I mean it feels that we should get back on the plane and do this again like it’s 2016 again are we know that the president thrives I’ve been out there on the campaign Trail and in large part she has proven that his role as president he believes his role as president is really to be the communicator and cheese this is the party of trump anyone running as a republican I better get in line with the with the Trump Doctrine or pay the consequences and it’ll be interesting to see how that approach actually plays in the midterms we obviously see just embracing it as we know the president of course had a victory in Florida so we will see if in as it did 2016 well and he often referred to Florida as his second home since he’s got multiple homes throughout the state and he was always very fired up there on the campaign Trail so I’m sure we’ll see a lot of that tonight Jordan Phelps the White House thank you Mary Alice Rena thank you download the ABC News app for all the latest throughout the day will be tracking all the news at I’m John Santucci in Washington you’re watching ABC News
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