Briefing Room: Trump’s inflammatory tweets, ICE Raids, 2020 candidates’ healthcare plans | ABC News

Briefing Room: Trump’s inflammatory tweets, ICE Raids, 2020 candidates’ healthcare plans | ABC News
Briefing Room: Trump’s inflammatory tweets, ICE Raids, 2020 candidates’ healthcare plans | ABC News
Henry welcome to the briefing room on Devin Dwyer Washington great, to have you with us on this Monday. We hope you had a good weekend and now we’re back to a firestorm over the president’s comments on Sunday morning about 4 Democratic women, women of color, the president, by using racist tropes, to call them out he says and see here it is. He says why: don’t they go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came, then they can back and show us how it’s done a short time ago, after being condemned by democrats, Nancy Pelosi calling for resolution in the house condemning the President’S comments: even a Republican senator Tim Scott of South Carolina past president in the White House, South lawn Double Down American Journal about, and I want to bring it now. Our chief White House, correspondent, Cecilia Vega, who was the one asking those questions just to the left of the screen, Cecilia thanks for coming on pretty extraordinary play, the president of the United States, something we have almost never seen on this level against members of Congress, racist And he’s really digging in on them. He says that these women tees for US Congress, women hate our country that they should leave. He says he’s not at all concerned about the criticism that he’s receiving today Frank people calling these tweets outright racist or people thinking, frankly, that this is racist in some ways. Different we’ve talked about this. This isn’t surprising. This is there’s been a pattern leading up to this. This is the president Who campaigned on birtherism in the White House, partly because he was promoting a conspiracy theory that Barack Obama wasn’t necessarily born in this country that he was born in Africa. You’Ll remember the day that he launched his campaign in New York when he said Mexicans were rapists and some of them are good people. Of course, we think that’s a Charlottesville where the president said that they were very fine people on both sides in that Neo-Nazi rally. What is not, what is what is different about this is an American president normalizing this type of racist language, a very public way and Devin. You know this. We’Ve been talking about this here at ABC all day. The white nationalists are really eating them. This. These tweets, often and freezing the president he’s inspired them, and one very prominent website saying today quote exactly the kind of white nationalism that we need, that he is attacking remind these. People are all four of them. I guess we can’t pull it up right now, but Alexandria, ocasio-cortez of New York alone, Omar Minnesota, Rashida tlaib of Michigan Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts, three of the four born in the United States, all for u.s. Citizens and Cecilia, as you alluded to their please white supremacist Groups are praising the president and in fact he was pressed about it on the south lawn and here’s. How I answered that if you’re not happy here, then you can leave yeah, you can leave and that’s what I say all the time. That’S what I said in a tweet, which I guess some people think it’s controversial. A lot of people love it by the way lot of people love it. If we politicians want to say – and the send this case, if they want to hear that wagons around these four people, I think they’re going to have a very tough election, because I don’t think the people of the United States will stand for it. Bob that tweeted, racist and white nationalist groups are finding common cause with you on that point, because many people agree with me. It doesn’t concern the president that white s, Francis white nationalists, are embracing him. That was John Roberts of Fox News. Asking the question. Cecilia. It’S reminds a lot of people of that Charlottesville moment when the president came out, so they were good people on both sides over there in the West Wing that there is any distance from the president on this one and he discomfort I’m offering up a word. Salad of Defence, I mean it said this is really a tough thing to defend, and it’s an almost impossible things to spend. What I’m hearing is not necessarily defending. The president spoken to today or heard from personally or on camera, is willing to go as far as to say that these tweets are outright racist and Devin. Now only now more than 24 hours after the president’s sensitive sweets. Are we starting a call of criticism and from Republicans denouncing these tweets as well photographs of fact check for news with SiriusXM who is joining us from New York? He’S an analyst people wandering you cover the Trump campaign. Why now, why do the president stick his finger into this on a sunny Sunday morning, just before going to play golf actually care saying that all Democrats have what do the defense of the blame? America First crowd when they really should be defending America, and they say that the president was simply pointing out that Democrats have said terrible things about the country. By 2 years ago van campaign, strategist White House, strategist, Steve Bannon, said this interview. She said this is part of his strategy that he wanted about racism. Everyday of the left is focused on race and identity, and we go with economic nationalism. We can crush the Democrats, certainly something that is so. It resonates your Echoes of Steve Bannon and what the campaign is doing now. We should say that none of the campaign people come on exactly into that point. You just talked about the pattern for the president has used talking about race in this country, and racism is not new, but still he said the president is elevating his remarks on a national stage and has any of his supporters moved over to the other side and Send it listen, I’m not going to support the president when I’m out in the field – and I talked to some of these supporters – they say. Listen. I hear the president hear what he saying, but the economy is doing great Center. All American citizens are born here, they’ve, given no indication they want to leave the country, but the President also accused some of them of being supporters at Al Qaeda. The true it’s not true, Tucson conservative me at least four members of Congress that you’ve seen our sort of punching bags for the right there. People who are conservatives in Congress and the president have repeatedly criticized their people that they’re Republican strategist, they’re, hoping to tie the party Progressive, liberal, ilhan, Omar Air, Show she did in 2013 before she was in Congress. It was part of a Nuance context, The Sinner so much of this criticism. The president has because she’s the first elected Muslim woman in Congress, damned by the House of Representatives right as well, the present accused her of being an anti-semite sure, she’s she’s been accused of pretty loose talk around criticism of Israel on policy grounds she’s in the past Wade into hot water about comments about the influence of the pro-israel Lobby accused of trafficking in some anti-semitic tropes. That’S LED some members of the House Republicans and Democrats rebuke in this conversation. This is a conversation that the president is having and it’s also having an effect on Capitol Hill. This week, Democrats are not talking about their agenda for the people, they’re spending all their time, attacking the president and there they were having a bit of an inner family fight earlier this week about the vision for the party. This has brought them together, but it’s also sort of Muse. The spin machine is in full gear in Trump campaign land the deflection operation taking place. They wouldn’t come on the show at the talk about the president’s comments, but clearly here they are trying to attention away from the fact that go back to where you came from is an unambiguous racist roll. Absolutely what the most Republican party has not come out. Full force. To denounce the type of rhetoric. There’S a danger when you are single pane, Oval Office, Oval Office means I’m the only to America, but you are to the globe. It is important that whoever is in that space whoever’s in that seat, it’s really set the standard and to what America is in really who we are, and let me tell you that is not comfortable as a black man, as I sit here. Speaking with you coming from the Civil Rights era that are coming from the Jim Crow era, when it comes back about go back to where you come from, go back to Africa, these are the things that we’ve heard of as if we are come from a foreign Place right is almost as if we don’t have a right to be here, but it goes to a larger narrative that we talked about First Amendment as we talked about freedom of speech, as we talked about as if we don’t have the opportunity, the government, it is To be an American as he set to redefine what American value is also to who is an American Ethan has yet to happen. Puerto Ricans, American citizens. The weekend is going back to his other Rank, and it’s troubling that these individuals are people of color goes back to it and that they’re also true freshman class members who have a right to speak out and so weird start using. This may concern Devin Dawson to a security and safety of these were members of the Congress or the president to rise this. This trophy because the president has rolls to the type of level the step-up short action of these women as well. These members go home, then they can be easily marked on highways, trying to get response to the presence tweets on the other side of the aisle Republicans just coming back into town from The Weeknd, pretty muted response Capitol Hill offices asking them if they speak on camera. Back yet it is a travel day for member. This votes don’t happen until later this evening, but some of them were in their office as we couldn’t convince them to speak to us on camera. Remember it has been more than 24 hours and we’re just starting to see a trickle of a response on Twitter. Those who have spoken on camera, like Senator Lindsey, Graham seemed to be defending the president. Is he told him? He should also for house tone down the rhetoric different from Tim, Scott, the only Republican African-American Republican senator from South Carolina. I believe we have part of his statement. He is talking about how Democrats racist debate, but then goes on to say that the president’s behavior is unacceptable. It’S in the bottom half of this statement, unacceptable personal attacks, racially offensive language is aiming for. The lowest common denominator will only divide our nation further call Susan Collins, Serena a prominent Republican but, like you said, Senator Scott there, really it was kind of back in the present in the top and then calling it inappropriate in the bottom. So if you don’t get through the whole statement, you might miss that, but a lot of Republicans are standing by the president for this, especially members of his own party. We actually mnuchin treasury secretary just a little bit ago. Here’S what he has to say. I don’t find them racist. The president just went on and clarify his comments. I think he speaks for himself on that. He was very clear but again we’re focused on cryptocurrencies and then I’ll do some so Devin. The presidents go back to where you came from, but if you’re unhappy in the United States, you should just leave now. It is not an American to question government and facts. Theodore, Roosevelt and I’m paraphrasing here is that, if is anything, it is unpatriotic to say you can’t question the president and he called to say that you cannot question the president treasonous and so for them to try not to flip the script on this and point out To what it was women, those people might have said in a negative context, so it takes attention away from what the president said, but remember. This is now uniting the Democratic party and, as Cecilia was saying earlier, could be a political game, the president’s plane, because he would love nothing more than to go up again. Far-Left of the democratic party versus those moderate for pull, show him possibly losing the presidential election by your silence in this Nancy Pelosi. Going on to say that the president is trying to make America white again, although there are some in the house, then you’re just tearing as a footnote to all of this from a republican from Texas who is criticizing African American Jordan were also hearing from in support Of the real concern is not with what the president said, but with what Democrats want to do with immigration and much more to come in this debate, a lot of accountability to be done as well. Serena Marshall – I sticking with us Mike Muse, thanks for your analysis, will be seeing you soon. Thank you, Ben Siegel, Rachel Scott. Thank you both very much. Turning now to the crisis at the Border in the Trump administration’s immigration Crackdown after a weekend of ice raids across the country that didn’t materialize in the way the president has suggested the this is out this morning announcing a new policy on asylum-seekers. Now requiring anybody seeking asylum in the United States from Central America to do so in the first country they step foot in after they leave their home country. This is a sweeping change. Cracking down on the backlog or Serena Marshall back on the hill is also tracking. This this important story and covers immigration, ports Serena help us understand what exactly the administration announced with respect to Asylum is. It is effective immediately that, as soon as it’s published in the Federal Register, it will go into effect. This means those people waiting at the border right now to claim Asylum essentially will be denied their hoping to stem the flow. But by doing this they’re saying any third-party country that you come through on your way to, if you don’t apply for Asylum there, you are deny Flatley at the United States borders so take huge change to how are Asylum laws or actually impacted to change, to have The federal government actually process of the sign language says every Asylum claim must heard and judicata delkor systems, so we definitely expect a legal challenge to this, especially from some of those nonprofits and immigrant rights activist. You were saying to say that this rule was flatly against international law and US law issue of asylum-seekers is front-and-center. The Trump Administration blames phony Asylum claims for being the responsible for the backlog that we see it. This detention centers on the southern border are Mariam Khan, traveled movie, with the vice president of the United States on Friday to see that crowding up close, I caught up with her a little earlier today about her visit to the Border. It’S a lot of children, families and Mike Pence. Keno spoke with many of them had a translator with him, and then the second facility is where we saw the more of the adult men that were detained and more of those conditions that we’ve been hearing about. When is inside there I mean so few people have been in you go in with the vice president of the United States, water bottles. Things like that diapers, the other reporter. That was on the trip with me. We both started complaining cuz, we’re like this is not the access that we thought we were going to get. You want to see more, and so just as soon as we set it, they immediately took a sin two other payment center. Were they actually had these adult men and overwhelming smell and the humidity – and that was the first thing that I noticed and that’s something that I still thinking about, how many how many people were inside crammed inside that space? No point wouldn’t have been possible for any of these men to lie down at one point at the same time that are coming closer to the fence to try to engage with us, the other reporter, and I are trying to listen to what they’re saying many of Them are speaking Spanish. and they said that they had been up there between 30 to 40 days, so it felt like we were in there for a lot longer, but it turns out. We were only in there for 90 seconds based off of what I saw in those 90 seconds alone. I can tell you that the conditions are pretty deplorable. The facilities are over, one overwhelmed, they are over crowded and one of the biggest request Fair hearing from detainees is that they just want a toothbrush or thanks again to Miriam Cana travel with the vice president to Texas to see the overcrowding from those Asylum Seekers Victoria. Mall Ramirez, one of our producers is covered. Immigration spend some time down indoors as well. Thank you both start with you. This challenge to asylum-seekers is spells for civil liberties Advocates because federal law says that the sound speakers have a right to come to the United States and make this claim. How significant is it that the administration Chinatown playing, also need to remember that stuck on immigrants weeks ago, close the borders? We need to remember that this situation is created by people are in the armed forces. Its significance, even though Chinese places Victoria, though you’ve been hearing from a number in immigrants and documented documented citizens legal residence in different corners of the country, who have been just living in fear over these past weeks because of the threats of deportation raid. I think it’s about entire communities, naturalized citizen to DACA recipient Stephen undocumented. Both people are on edge. In general, I spoke to an undocumented woman this morning, who said she spent all of yesterday for the most part locked up at home. She only left to go to church. She told me when I asked her what her message the president was. She said it’s not fair to have it removed as if we’re worthless objects. Many of us come to work. Give us a chance to prove our case. We’Re not all criminal were not all criminals and we contribute to the economy. She said she’s paralyzed with fear she has to US foreign children. Her husband is a US citizen there at this would be what we call mix legal status, family and mix that has family and people are just trying to go Saturday, but they don’t know how to say, there’s a lot of concern, even though the immediate threat of These deportation rates of millions being taken out seems to have passed for now, a lot of people even caring, their passports with them. We’Ve been hearing American citizen and immigrant communities during their passports because, if you’re being swept up in these rates for Victoria Ramirez, thank you. So much for urinalysis and Francis Royal thanks for your I take on this as well. Of course, in the Democratic primary Healthcare is the issue that tops the list according to most democratic voters today, Vice President Joe Biden is getting into the race with his plan unveiling what he’s calling the Affordable Care Act, 2.0 or Obamacare +. If you will counterproposal to medicare-for-all, which has been talked about extensively on the trail and our Molly Nagle is traveling with former Vice President Joe Biden, she has the skinny on his health care plan. So this is a big deal for Joe Biden, because weeks of talking about these more sweeping changes to our Healthcare System. Biden is coming out with a pretty modest counterproposal. Tell us about it. I didn’t his new proposal heat very much for the plans to expand upon Obama, Care Obama Care Plus. As you said, this proposal would build upon what is already exists, including its offering a buy an option. That’S them Medicare for people who want to buy into Healthcare System, but it allows for folks to keep their in their private healthcare insurance if they like their current insurance by Design, also include specifics on prescription drug Care on how to deal with it care for a Community is quite a hefty price tag, 750 billion dollars over 10 years and has a proposal of how to pay for that, including everything taxes on the super wealthy making more than $ 1000000 a year annually and increasing the top 10 bracket also wants to focus on Making it more affordable for middle-class family is that includes expanding current tax cuts that exist for for folks, in the middle class to help cover High Healthcare premiums that currently exist Medicare for all system. He says we should start from scratch on health care, but expand upon what is already there. This is probably the most practical in terms of getting it implemented. Bernie today on in remind us Adam of what his plan does. I think it’s people look at you by Meiko. That might make sense, but Bernie Sanders is a waiting for a much more a sweeping change your system for all proposal under Sanders plan. There would be one health care plan for every American, a public health care plants that covers all of the services, whether it’s routine doctor’s visits, Emergency Services, specialist, even vision and dental care as and it would completely abolished private insurance. If you have a plan right now from your employer over the next couple years, as this public plan that Sanders is calling for his implemented, you would lose that private insurance and you would shift over to the public plants. His argument is that this is a much more simple version of some of these Health Care reform proposals. Everybody is operating under the same system and it reduces and in some cases, completely Outlaws the influence of the for-profit private insurance companies before Moffitt health care companies that he says are driving up costs. Under the current plan in Philadelphia tracking, the Bernie Sanders campaign reporting, Adam and Molly Nagle, which former Vice President Joe Biden, a lot of contrast on the briefing room, Dwyer Washington, we’re here 3:30 Eastern time every day on ABC News, live hope to see you tomorrow.
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