British Parliament Suspended After Trump-Backed PM Defeated Again | The Last Word | MSNBC

British Parliament Suspended After Trump-Backed PM Defeated Again | The Last Word | MSNBC
British Parliament Suspended After Trump-Backed PM Defeated Again | The Last Word | MSNBC
We have breaking news tonight from London, where Parliament has officially been suspended for five weeks. There were Rockets scenes in the House of Commons as members opposed to the suspension, chanted. Shame on you as they left the chamber before they have suspension. Members of parliament rejected. Prime minister, Boris Johnson’s second attempt at scheduling a new election on October 15th in the HBO drama. Brexit Benedict Cumberbatch plays the real life political, operative, Dominic Cummings, who was the genius behind the political strategy that won the brexit referendum three years ago? Here is Benedict Cumberbatch playing Dominic Cummings in a scene that combines his technical report, achill insight and rudeness to the ruling class of conservative members of parliament a icon button Teresa politics, Dominic Cummings, is now being called a psychopath by a senior member of the conservative party. Now that Donna Cummings has risen to the position of Chief strategist for the conserva is new. Prime minister, Boris Johnson Dominic Cummings has masterminded the most disastrous debut of a British prime minister in history, with Boris Johnson, on the losing end of votes in Parliament consistently and then forcing conservatives who voted against him in Parliament to leave party which then provoke Boris Johnson’s. On brother to resign from the government, which reportedly reduced Boris Johnson to tears, Matt Sanders who used to work with Dominic Cummings, told the New York Times quote. We are in absolute chaos and Dominic chaos, because prime minister Boris Johnson, reportedly delegates so much of his power to Dominic Cummings, Jenny, Russell the columnist for the times of London says Dominic Cummings, maybe quote the most important man in Britain to survey the absolute Chaos on The British government and British politics will be joined in the Moment by one of the most eloquent members of parliament. David Lammy picked up a Harvard law degree after earning a British law degree is American Experience, makes him uniquely gifted in explaining brexit to us David Lammy. Is the one Member of Parliament who I follow on Twitter and no matter how confused you may be about brexit? I promise you will follow every word of what David Lammy has to say about it. After this break the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Burke Johnson, has promised to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union. Even though Parliament has passed a law preventing Boris Johnson from doing that, unless he has somehow miraculously negotiated a last-minute final deal with Europe for eggs, the European Union is an example. Instructing the new prime minister last week on the rules of the House of Commons. People must observe the rules – everybody, including the prime minister in the House of Commons today, to commend Speaker John bourgault, who was first elected to Parliament. As a member of the conservative party, the next speaker has very very big shoes to fill a British Labour party. He represents a district of London in Parliament tonight and I wanted to get your reaction to the resignation of Speaker, John Burke, how well your views will no jumper for the sovereignty of Parliament and ensuring that back benches. Like me, get a say and get to hold this government and previous governments to a cow open, the most inclusive speaker, ensuring that women minorities, those with disabilities, get to put their views, hold the executive turn right up to the 31st of October, and that is hugely Important there’s another character in your politics who is emerging here in the United States. I think for the first time – and that is Dominic Cummings and advisor to Boris Johnson profiles in a few days in a row here in the American news media. But he was played by Benjamin Cumberbatch in the TV movie brexit, and so that’s the only familiarity. I think American audiences of how important is Dominic Cummings in what is happening now. Important, hugely influential, hugely dangerous Foster. A. Cox has very extreme right. Politics has taken very views on issues like Nugenix. I just now driving this country off of cliff twice, as many of your viewers will understand what I’m saying when I say that to use the Facebook worries about International interference, from particular from Russia and other places. So very very worried, coming right up. The center of power here in the UK and influencing events in Europe is well named. Member of the conservative party told the New York Times this weekend, referring to Dominic Cummings and Johnson. One is a charlatan and the other a psychopath, and I believe the charlatans is a Boris Johnson. In that comparison. Is that overdone? No, it’s not something! Sticking cancerous has entered into the system here in the UK, this wonderful country, the mother of all parliaments. Behind me, the sovereignty of a Nation, those elected to represent it and I’m afraid we are hugely divided. The conservative party, not my party but nevertheless a great party here in Europe – has been taken over, buy a practice of teapot extremist determined to European Union using time to deliver a smooth United Kingdom. Because, surely the Welsh and others will leave the United Kingdom and leave it at a small little England? It’S deeply depressing. I’M very pleased that the opposition are coming together to try and defeat this morning.. You pass the law bar on his passed, a law saying that the Prime Minister must request an extension of time from the Europe Union, but there is, there is no reporting suspecting that Boris Johnson will not obey that law. Is there any way the Prime Minister can avoid the requirements of that law? Jordan Redevelopment in the birthplace of the rule of law, we have a prime minister say that he will not implement, but it’s been passed in this place, so mandated do all Sprint. Extension in the event that he has no deal from the European Union and frankly, if he disobey the law, then the Metropolitan Police put him in handcuffs arrested because he must obey the rule of law to suspend Parliament episode of the handmaid’s tale and we must resist Acts of course, but we’re not coming back until October 14th., So in the middle of October, let’s see where it ends up, but as night follows day. I’M telling you we will not be exiting the European Union on the 31st of October With A No Deal brexit. It will not happen. We will be entering into a general election, I suspect, in November, and fighting frankly for the future of this country, David Lani. Thank you very much for joining us really appreciate it. Looking on the button below for more from the last word in the rest of MSNBC
New British Prime Minister Boris Johnson lost another vote Monday- so there will be no new election before Parliament returns on Oct. 14. London MP David Lammy joins Lawrence to discuss what will happen next in the Brexit drama.
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British Parliament Suspended After Trump-Backed PM Defeated Again | The Last Word | MSNBC

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