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hey what is a everybody will dance here for ABC News live we are here in Bryant Park in the middle of Midtown Manhattan wearing just a few minutes we have some incredible performances coming up for you guys from some incredible Broadway shows the Disney shows are taking the stage right behind us in just a few minutes like I said we’ve got Aladdin Lion King and Frozen doll set to perform for an hour straight right here live in Bryant Park so we are so excited for that it’s part of 106.7 Lite FM Broadway in Bryant Park which is the six-week series that brings Broadway shows to the people right here in Bryant Park for free so today it’s pretty hot it’s pretty warm but nothing like the Hop performances we’re going to see here tonight and then it like I said it’s such a cool program that goes on for 6 weeks here in the summer right here in Midtown Manhattan where all the Broadway shows waitress Wicked beautiful all the big-name shows from the great white way just down the street come here to Bryan Park to perform live for the people so we just heard sound check which was incredible these folks had two shows yesterday woke up early this morning came and did a soundtrack and the vocals are unbelievable so that’s coming up in just a little bit before that we’re going to have a chance to chat right here backstage with some of the stars of these Broadway shows right now I see the cast of Aladdin making their way over here and we are so excited to have them tele major and Ariel a friend of GMA right here telling you major alright so we’re minutes away from this live performance in Bryant Park how are you guys feeling we’re so excited going to give Pride Park a little taste of Broadway during lunch time what are you guys doing today friend like me of course and somebody’s got your back and A Whole New World me about what it means to be able to bring Broadway to people who may not be able to afford it her or you know we’re just in town visiting for the afternoon those who might not have a chance to see the show but you are bringing that to them this afternoon events and you know yes probably tickets and sometimes expensive but what’s great about stuff like this and then stuff like no stars in the alley is that it is free it’s free for everybody and not accessible for everybody we were just talking about what it means to be here bringing a show like this music like this to folks who might not be able to see it otherwise her family and now they can do it and hear Disney music time I was actually on the subway here and there was a woman and her two kids were on their way here and the little girl had like Mickey Mouse ears on and I told him I was Jasmine and they freaked out so it’s really fun for for them to be able to see the movies brought to life out in nature amazing soccer fun for us cuz we got to hang out with our Disney cousins and CD from The Lion King I mean that’s been really great to until I get them hang out we don’t we don’t get to see them at the same time like this all together you can bring the whole family out here in this moment and they get to see the show like you said for free and it’s it’s a snippet in this maybe something like when I was young this would be an opportunity that could really change how I feel about theater round for you guys switch spots with me here we go favorite female lead of all time dalila Delilah we’re live right now on ABC News live on I think we all do so I’m I have to ask you how excited are you to be here Disney shows to so many people are crowded Ryan Park and today everybody gets a little taste of just how wonderful you guys are we all get a little taste I will let you guys go I know you’re taking the stage soon we’re going to swap out with some of like you said your Disney cousins I will get to that lightning round in just a little bit you guys thanks so much for hanging out thank you so we’ll see who we have coming up next I’ll switch switch places with you guys over here so it’s crazy there’s a lot but everyone is so excited to be here which is why we’re having so much fun right now how are you we got some of the stars of The Lion King here with us introduce yourself tell us who you play in the show Michelle Amazing by play Pumba we heard soundtrack just a few minutes ago you guys are up and Adam after two shows yesterday or vocally warmed up lip trills and it ready to go it’s exciting it’s fun and it’s warm out so it’s easier on the voice when it’s warm out what it means playing these roles that everyone knows and loves already there has to be some added pressure when show up and have a preconceived idea of lunala is and who Pumbaa is she brings him back so I feel like the history of it all in with Heather Headley being the first Nala there’s a lot of weight to that but they they trained us so well and you’re prepared and you’re ready and it’s thrilling to perform the show every night who was known as the really good-looking character in The Lion King and sometimes I’d let you know I have a bad face day and I’m like I don’t know what’s going to happen when we get to run on state screaming we have a bunch of people who ready ready and waiting for that and it’s so much fun and it’s great to sort of be able to pay homage to that but still take those characters and make them our own two amazing right so I have a little bit of lightning round for you guys you’re both really warmed up but I hope you’re mentally warmed up to here we go favor female lead of all time good answer aldonza metal of my brother my favorite family what’s your go-to karaoke song oh my God if you guys weren’t awake and ready for this performance yet you are now you have a secret Talent display right here in Bryant Park how about you I’m pretty good at ping pong and I can uvularly Trill and you demonstrate that are you in episode 9 that’s coming out later this year I can be if anyone’s interested in that JJ Abrams if you’re watching we found your next to a favorite Disney character love it and then I had a daughter and she started watch Moana and that I kind of I kind of love Moana now I think it’s she’s an 8 year old girl who’s braver than all the guys and a demigod and I really dig that love it love that could be a favorite female lead for the next time we did that question favorite musical oh that’s tough I’ll go back go back go back and I love I love them so much I can’t pick one that’s too tough it’s like asking my mom to pick her favorite child yeah exactly you guys thanks so much for hanging out with us break a leg you sounded amazing at the warm-up we can’t wait to see the real thing you thank you thank you alright like I said it’s pretty sweaty over here could we have joining us now some more of the Lion King Sam Simone play Rafiki Rafiki that’s a lot of pressure you open that show and everybody knows exactly where they are talk to me about what it means play such an iconic role like Rafiki so we do have you have those family in my family my niece and my cousin rafiki’s like Shaman in an in-home so that it connecting the present and the past you know life’s so incredible the kind of bridge parts of your family with you know your performance art so badly you’re kind of the new guy on the Block right when did you join the show and how has it been since since you came on for about 4 weeks it’s been great you know the Lion King is a big family everyone so welcoming to me and allow me to settle in and take my time and you know it feels it feels good goodbye definitely I’m the new kid on the Block toilet paper yeah it’s it’s a fun song talk to me about what it means to be here were surrounded by so many fans who you know we’re here in Bryant Park we might not otherwise be able to see parts of the show but you’re bringing them for free out here in the middle of Manhattan what does it mean to you guys too this afternoon I mean it’s amazing I know I did and what we do with all people who love this so much I mean I want to get cheese or anything but I think theaters showing performance and big happy family that’s all you like about it yeah so I have a little bit of a lightning round of musical theatre lightning round for you guys we know you’re vocally ready let’s hope that your brains are it’s warmed up as our voices are all right what Disney villain classic Maleficent I love Little Shop of Horrors Lovett ragtime secret Talent play drums it’s not a secret to my family hears me play in the basement all night and day but I love it me too I don’t have a secret Island or you have amazing vocal talents and we’re going to hear you in just a little bit guys thanks for hanging out with this break a leg today we’re so excited to see it thank you so much have you guys slide that way okay I’m about to lose it you’re about to watch me lose it live on ABC News of right now the cast of Frozen is joining us guys thanks so much for being here what does it mean to be here this afternoon bringing Frozen selling out and tickets are expensive as they are the bringing this show for free to people who might otherwise not be able to see it very very fine it’s just connect with the fans of the show from the found but the new ones that are in the musical so it’s it’s a nice mix of the old and the new are you guys doing today I heard you warming up how is the performance obviously you’re not and you’re like ball gowns and 17 piece tuxes so yeah what kind of a performance are we going to get today picnic Broadway picnic so we’re going to save the choreography for tonight when we put all the costumes are you like exhausted you at two shows yesterday you are up today in the middle of the you know the morning singing here how do you going to do it I mean we love what we do which helps we like we like each other after the song so it’s always exciting you’re tired but when you get this ticket on the stage you sort of like turn it on and it happened and it’s nice to do stuff like this that is outside of just you know doing the show as much as we love Norwegians on Broadway lightning round we know you’re vocally warmed up but are you mentally warmed up putting you putting you on this right here right here we go go to karaoke song Alone by Heart Run To You Whitney Houston Whitney that’ll be our next live stream When Harry Met Sally The Princess Bride myself last one to have a secret Talent sing pretty well I’m really good at interior design I don’t want to know that was such a tease it’s amazing lastly I can touch my tongue to my nose there it is and with that we have to sign off of Our Lives stream we are going to come back in just a few minutes with the move to the front of the stage you guys are about to perform Casey Patty John thank you so much for being here break a leg for all of you guys we are going to give you a backstage look at Aladdin some of their past performances on GMA and on the few and we are going up to set up in front of his shows about to start thank you so much we’ll be right back you guys enjoy these backstage lights and we’ll see you in just a few minutes it’s shining shimmering splendid with 6 Productions around the globe Disney’s Aladdin on Broadway celebrating another year sharing cool new world with you but don’t you dare close your eyes because actor Telly Leon the showing us just how it all comes together Make Way for Prince Ali hello are you guys what is the bunker underneath your costumes in the show all of them custom made by hand with special Mikes hidden in the seen the fastest change in the show just 9-second I believe it or not each pair of pants has over 1400 crystals and that that’s a lot of my friends bats Broadway Sparkle to make it on Broadway you’re ready believe it or not they’re over 100 pieces of hair in the show now when people go see if I buy show off in time they wonder if they’re in their own hair actually for the most part they’re not they’re actually in these beautifully handmade actually many of these waves are human hair and it you know each one of them is woven one piece of hair at a time to create a custom way for every actress and underneath his wig actually many actors with a microphone just for the ladies even the fellas shall we say our wigging it that’s too far as cleared it’s wild forget the hair and the dance numbers I was on a mission of my own you know I’m in search of one thing and that is to find the lamp 3D printed one drop of plastic at a time print the lap with a 3D printer with all this talk of the lamp I was ready to meet the genie absolutely yes I’ll just have to save my three wishes for my next trip to Accra and thank Aladdin for sharing his world with us after all he had a show to do please share this whole new world it’s the highest grossing animated movie of old time ice queen and her coming to life on Broadway your favorite hoping to attract theatre-goers with this glossy high-stakes multimillion-dollar Frozen Wonderland complete with giant icicles a 15 Crystal gown and a 5-foot tall snowman named Olaf of course there’s that power Anthem the first gave fans the chills Let It Go immortalize by Idina Menzel let it go at its core it is a song about letting go of expectations of being perfect all the time of doing everything for everybody else and embracing the mess of life and in doing so feeling free finally it’s a song that everybody in the theatre knows and is anticipating on some level dosed lyrics courtesy of the songwriting Duo Kristen Anderson-Lopez and her husband Robert she makes it sound like a storm is Raging on so he’s unbelievable voice is really sundrud can’t stop smiling the two-time Oscar winners have created a dozen new songs for the theatrical experience do you feel like you’re writing for children or for adults when it comes to a muse pull up the scale adult absolutely we have a musical with a talking snowman in the DNA but we were given the directive to write this for the audience that will show up on a Tuesday night at 8 p.m. in January and that’s what we’ve done a little bit of this little bit of adult humor jokes from the story line down to the sequin no detail too small the one dress Princess Anna other half of the Love Story between two sisters with a feminist twist these are princesses who break their own spell this show is also damaged about sacrifice or her sister and they save each other in that way the selflessness two women that finally discover that true love is not necessarily from a romantic interest but it’s it’s from your sister and your best friend Prince Charming or to the princess who played in Love is an Open Door however in this story spoiler alert this Prince Isn’t So Charming after all like breaking all those girls Hearts every night when you turn evil it’s fun being the bad guy even plays the good guy Christoph the Nordic ice Shepherd is non-traditional casting a departure from the movie version judgements they had about what they knew Christoph to be in what Christoph currently is is is completely erased and that’s kind of like what are new production is doing it’s like it’s daring you to rethink what you know about Frozen I end up with her being part of you know Disney princess 2.0 and yet everyone needs Olaf the loveable snowman who once again steals the show with his song and dance routines he’s adorable it’s so much fun he’s like a classic vaudevillian clown please also like a Shakespeare clown where is he wearing he serves as the the conscience of the play you know he’s all-knowing and all naive at the same time the musical now exploring the depths and dimensions of these beloved animated character with that Soulful new song Monster not to feel like Let It Go which is but it’s still it’s in a minor key and we wanted to feel anxious has a really deep debate with herself about whether she’s a monster who should even be here to one of The Bard’s greatest protagonist in what way is Elsa like Hamlet well she goes I’ve been to a world on her own and starts having a debate about a wife who she is where she is in life why she’s going in the direction she’s going so she has a colossal existential debate with herself even in the middle of Frozen the musical the adults who would look at Frozen on Broadway and say oh that’s a kids show childhood has been made of the fact that you’re both Disney Princesses and pant powered women this about a princess in pants for this is about Nuance three-dimensional women dealing with leadership love and their own relationships for Nightline princess Onna dressed me ma’am estranged what if I meet someone imagine me creepy sure you will be entered to win any time tickets you would like from the tkts booth and once you see the place today you’re going to want to go see Frozen I promised you and Aladdin and the Lion King remember since tkts is run by the not-for-profit TV you can be assured that part of each ticket service charge goes to their education and access programs like they’re autism-friendly performances download the tkts apps and see what you can get for half price at all tkts boobs and check out their popular indoor booth at Lincoln Center and finally my new book is being released in a couple of weeks today you can go to one heart at a time and preorder a copy so do that on you phone while we wait for the performances which will begin in just a moment welcome to Broadway in Bryant Park and stepping great you are amazing in The Lion King and you are intimately familiar with his role I understand an amazing facts you ready for this about CD you have performed is this true and over 5,000 performances I just wanted to hold a child up for a moment then welcome to Disney on Broadway hey guys are y’all doing hey we’re the best of friends and we’re going to prove it to you right now so forgive me if I sing or make a whole big thing you save me I’ll save you it’s my turn that I owe you that Ferris spur cross my heart and top of pinky swear and now Broadway production of Frozen nomination for best musical theater oscar-winning scores by Brooklyn’s own Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez that includes all your favorite songs from the film and 1212 new number Patti murin and John riddle with Love is an open door love crazy are you talking Papa John’s I mean it’s crazy what we finish each other thanks again! biggest hits in history of Broadway in fact only two shows and run longer and both John and I were fortunate enough to attend the 20th anniversary performance back in November and to see all of the people that you’re seeing today incredible talents incredible this next song One both the Oscar and the Grammy Award in 1994 John and Tim Rice’s Can You Feel the Love Tonight so many things to tell her but how to make her see the truth about my past impossible sheet no way from me it’s enough for this job spectacular new Broadway production of Frozen is the irresistible Snowman Olaf dreaming of a Tropical Paradise in in summer and Nicholas Ward I’ve always loved the idea of Summer and sun and all things hot really I’m guessing you don’t have much experience with he diesel Buzz kissable dandelion fuzz and I’ll be doing whatever snow does in summer drink in my hand again probably getting gorgeous and I can’t wait to see what my buddy happy snowman when life gets rough I like to hold on and you guys will be there to socket to take my girls to tonight miss the cast members you’re watching are leaving here as soon as they’re done because they’re all on stage performing tonight are you guys having fun special guest stars today these are the leading ladies of the brand new musical Freaky Friday premiering on the Disney Channel Next Friday August 10th please welcome Disney Channel star Cozi Zeus dwarf and Broadway Zone Heidi blickenstaff YouTube in the Disney Original movie Freaky Friday musical based on Disney yeah trickle stage adaptation cozy that’s right about this version of Freaky Friday how is it different from the previous films well in the way you just said it is a musical written by Tomcat and Brian yorkey are the Pulitzer prize-winning at compose Next To Normal and it’s got lots of improv it’s fun it’s new and basically the only thing that’s the same from the previous versions is the idea of the body swap there there’s a different story behind and it’s a really deeper and and I don’t know what time it’s a really great approach to the contemporary Friday what are the main differences you’re experiencing between playing the role on stage and adding it on screen so the fact that I got to make the movie with you was just like the most amazing thing in the whole world and the biggest change was that when you asked first it’s a little different when you’re making a movie it’s really different cuz the camera is Right closing your face and so I definitely had to adjust my acting skills so when and where can we go see the new film oh my gosh you can check it out a week from tomorrow August 10th Friday on Disney Channel yep 8 p.m. we’re so excited and it’s going to run and run Ron and you can watch it a million times with as many kids as I have you do watch it a million times 11 I think it’s really a story that parents are going to identify with two because we’re not just telling it from a sixteen-year-old perspective but also from a mom so I think families will sit down and really enjoy it together so Freaky Friday next Friday big round of applause for these ladies this next song from Broadway’s Frozen songwriters Kristen and Bobby Lopez you are awesome have managed the impossible it’s a new ballad to match the power and intensity of Let It Go if you can believe that and I’ve seen it and you will not be disappointed here to perform a new Broadway standard please welcome my Broadway sister baby movie wake no time to cry and restarts father I’m here now to perform yet another oscar-nominated song from The Lion King please welcome Ben Jeffrey Fred Berman and Bradley Gibson with Hakuna Matata and we got some of the best musicians on Broadway take your time that’s going to help us teach everyone a lesson here phone number to snow pass in Korean what’s the motel very nice round pill my friend problem tattoo at least three of your friends got married to it than you the grammy-winning song of the year A Whole New World please welcome back to the stage Telly Leung L Jacobs I can show you the world Splendid Tell me princess now I can open your eyes take you over beautiful I’m sorry I’m late the carpet is in the shop sweetheart they need you at the palace could you take his microphone he’s not going to need that anymore hey buddy I’ll I’m back again but I live off Joker turtle thank you all so much for joining us for Disney at Broadway and Bryant Park one more song for you that all three Castor going to sing together I’m at the song from Frozen that I’m sure all of you know very well but this is a bit of a different version that we do in our show every night there’s no how much I’ve long today Lion King and Frozen 19 years we been doing this and I got to say this is my all-time favorite show the Disney on Broadway thank you for joining us signing autographs don’t forget you can go to one heart at a time. Calm and pre-order your book today and please don’t forget to listen to the light at night I’ll be there tonight taking your request your dedications doing your Delilah’s dilemmas and do me a favor take some time out of your busy schedule today cuz slow down
Cast of Disney’s Broadway shows perform live in NYC.

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