Brown ballet shoes made for first time – BBC News

Brown ballet shoes made for first time – BBC News
Ballet should be acceptable to everyone. You know no matter what finding fuel skin color in a better shop. It’S something very special. You have the feeling that you are part of the industry of Vents and you have the feeling that nothing is impossible. I’Ve been with the company for about 11 years. This is the first company where I was able to express myself artistically and find out who I am the dancer to have a shoe that I can just put on and go like. I’Ve, never thought that happen. You know so I’m just taking my cheap foundation to 99 a little sponge dabbing and just brushing across pancaking. Your shoe is kind of a tradition. So it’s just a a ritual. I think, but it’s again a tedious Rachel. It’S a messy ritual. When I was younger. I had to lack of preference to continue to Dubai land to be inspired because at the time in Paris I couldn’t see, I mean like black dancers, female or male and now being the one who are Vibrams. It’S it’s it’s expected. I hope I win tired. All the young palette, answers and Method wants to start spelling
Pointe shoes in brown and bronze shades are being made in the UK for the first time.

Ballet Black, whose dancers are all of black and Asian descent have worked alongside shoe manufacturer Freed to create the new shoes.

Dancers Cira Robinson and Marie Astrid Mence spoke to the BBC about what it means to them during rehearsals for their latest show.

Produced by Fatma Wardy, Emily Wolstencroft, Rob Taylor and Claudia Redmond.

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