Bruce Heyman on George HW Bush: “What an amazing president”

Bruce Heyman on George HW Bush: “What an amazing president”
Well, it’s bringing Bruce Heyman. He is a former United States ambassador to Canada. Bruce thank you for being with us today, as he he gave tribute to well. At least two men were great friends, but I think having the former prime minister, there was also a demonstration of the friendship between our two countries, and I think that you know former president HW Bush plan this out, and I think he very much wanted to demonstrate That friendship, then it’s so good to see and the words were fantastic today, I’m speaking at at the stay will for me unit being the former US ambassador and someone who continues to promote the US, Canada relationship. I think that that was you know. It couldn’t have been a more deserving person and it couldn’t been a better, better choice. But again, I think this Rises to the US Canada relationship, I’m here in Ottawa today, and it didn’t number of meetings and just walking the streets and seeing the flags at half mast. What an incredible tribute to your next-door neighbor as an ambassador. I was here and we had to lower our flags at half mast for a number incredibly challenging and painful difficult situations around the world. But here this is one at great respect and honor and tribute – and I know Americans appreciate it between the two countries. Or do you think they will return to that again? Well, it’s clearly when someone passes it’s a point of reflection and you look back on the time during his life in all of the contributions he made, but we also look back on find said. We had a president that had civility that, while you may disagree, you don’t need to be disagreeable and you had an appreciation for Humanity and people on all sides. What an amazing present I bring coalitions of people from around the world together to tackle things and for Canada, he’s the man who really worked on climate. He worked on clean air and acid rain. He worked on the problems betrayed and he was the promoter of the first Master agreement. So all of this together, I think he really wanted to highlight the US, Canada relationship, but it was a really important part of his presidency attended Bush’s inauguration. What what is it like when you reflect back on that day, not a lifelong, just pure Democrat straight line person, but someone who really supportive people, who I thought exemplified leadership, and you know I fought back on that day, what a great celebration it was in a Lot of optimism – and I was really pleased to be there Grandma watching memorial service. I had a lot of fun memories of that I’ll, be it was a few years ago. So you see a person who committed himself to service to our country from a young man. Is a fighter pilot? You know dealing with the issues that we Face: the World War II and then throughout his life Richmond as a Ambassador in China and United Nations as head of the CIA as a congressman, you know as a vice president as a president. You know what a resume and it demonstrates was possible and I think the you know clear skies in unlimited visibility for all of us kind of looking forward to what is possible and George HW Bush demonstrated that United States ambassador to Canada appreciate your thoughts. Acer,
From CTV News Channel: Former U.S. Ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman discusses George H.W. Bush and his legacy in American politics.

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