Bullets and bills: The cost of getting shot in America – BBC News

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Bullets and bills: The cost of getting shot in America – BBC News
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I don’t think you understand how expensive it is to get shot bills and involuntarily I did not ask to get shot nothing to me take over me and consume and depression and into that so I’m a survivor where are God-fearing people just live in trying to be the best human being that we can be and someone with a gun change all that so we went to celebrate her birthday and we went to dinner and then it was after leaving dinner and dropping off one of my sister’s passengers that are car was shot up and they just said was gang initiation retaliation in the neighborhood both of my hips are shattered one of them has a hold in there from the bullet the the bulletin actually exit so I have in this hip pictures of cracked against I’m not afraid of flashbacks but before I used to go to get sleep now I have flashbacks so it’s just like now I tried to say in between I have like nerve damage basically it’s called drop foot or foot drop it doesn’t there’s only a couple ways out of your neighborhood and right now is body bags you know and I don’t think that that’s all we’re good for the guy I know that my people can do better than that they’re Anna Marie Hobson the Office of the Attorney General however additional information is needed for $100 57 I had health insurance when it happened but two years after that incident she became 18 she’s no longer enrolled in that program I was working as hard as I was before the incident cuz I was taking care of her so there was no income coming in at at that time make sure it has also been a reason why like for a long time I wouldn’t go to certain doctors either like specialist you just wait until you do have the money to get it and then you go Mysore was not on the news there was never a breaking news that said anything about even you know without my name but just like the shooting itself taking place I think I’ve seen the advantages of those who their stories had made it to mainstream media and just like how people the outpour of support and resources that you can get on the ground from other people I am one of Pulse Nightclub survivors down in Orlando Florida I was hospitalized for two months I’ve had over 30 30 everyone to have to continue to have a go under anesthesia so they place a Foley catheter that they have to me if I wasn’t blessed with the the blessing the heck I got from the one pulse situation weather situation probably would be much harder than what it is right now everything may seem okay but you know I still stress I still get depressed I mean if you’re not able to stand or you know stand for long period of time or 8 hours or 8 hour shift you won’t be considered to be hired it’s hard but have to push through because no one else can push through for me for me so I tried my heart and try my best to keep my head up I don’t know if I’ll be able to get a house turn off I be able to have kids because of my incident but it’s just like then you have one personally I want to settle into Finance thing get to me but like I think it’s gotten to me more because I’ll go and do activism stuff and then I’ll leave there with the thought of I got to get something for myself like I got to figure out what I can do for myself you know I think it’s time for me to stop helping other people get to their dreams or get their event or idea out and then mind they’re all just stuck in my notebook in my head like that’s that’s what I think about the most facing the hospital and she said to me Mom in the story of my life I did not see this chapter I could not have written this one at all
Megan Hobson still cannot walk properly since being caught in a crossfire of bullets in Florida six years ago. But for her and many other shooting victims, the price of survival is not just months of rehabilitation and operations.
It is tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills with no end in sight.
Video by Hannah Long-Higgins

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