Burning plane makes emergency landing at Moscow airport

Burning plane makes emergency landing at Moscow airport
Burning plane makes emergency landing at Moscow airport
Baby getting right now with breaking news and the fiery crash of a Russian airliner that is an aeroflot jet that had just taken off from moscow’s main airport. The crew declared an emergency reporting, a fire on board. The plane was all in Flames when the pilot said it down. An emergency vehicles immediately converged as it slid down the runway and came to a stop, while it’s bringing Chris Brown right now he’s in Moscow with more on this breaking news. So at this point Chris, what do we know about this? What Russian State News Agency Tass is reporting that 13 people lost their lives in that crashed for the last hour, or so that number has been varying first. It was just one person than 10, then so that number may change again, but tennis is saying there are also people who are injured and others who are unaccounted for. We know that the plane took off on a regularly scheduled flight to murmansk. It left Moscow and around 6 or just around dinner time there were thunderstorms in the area. I know I saw them. I am what tasks is reporting that the plane was struck by lightning and the pilot to send you the May Day and turned around and was back at the airport about 26 minutes after stop, it appears he did another maneuver in the middle, for this may have Been in fact, his second attempt to land and as you saw from that two very dramatic video the plane was on fire on the runway. But it’s unclear if, in fact, one of the engines was actually on before it landed or if the impact caused that fire again, you could see people jumping out of the two front: emergency exits down the Chutes and onto the runway. In fact, some of them, it appeared to me even still were carrying there luggage is, they were making a run, for it is well so very dramatic scenes. This is a regularly scheduled route. The aircraft is, they asked, you is a Sukhoi superjet-100. It’S been in service here for about eight years, or so it is largely a russian-made aircraft. Most of aeroflot Fleet is in fact made up of Western build aircraft from Boeing, for example, and I and everybody – but this is one of the fuel that is not carries around a hundred people or so, and no real issues to speak of it has been caught Up in some sanctions discussion, because some of the parts are made from our Maiden are made in Europe and they’ve been trying tell them, for example, to Iran these aircraft, but really nothing worrying so far, at least in the past, from a safety point of view. So we’ll have to wait and see, but obviously 13 people is a terrible tragedy, but many of those people were jumping out of their shoes. Two planes look like they were looking right at their heels are lucky to have gotten out at all.
A Sukhoi SSJ100, operated by Russian flagship carrier Aeroflot, caught fire when it made a hard emergency landing on Sunday. At least 13 people died in the fire.

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