Byron Scott and Kendrick Perkins quote Stephen A. Smith in response to Spencer Dinwiddie | The Jump

Byron Scott and Kendrick Perkins quote Stephen A. Smith in response to Spencer Dinwiddie | The Jump
Byron Scott and Kendrick Perkins quote Stephen A. Smith in response to Spencer Dinwiddie | The Jump
Yeah, that’s would like to be in NBA champion is a projected 247 million dollars, supermax extension, he will be ineligible for that, not this summer, guys but next summer, so that kind of puts them Mission basically did Anthony Davis. Was this past season, where everyone knows that supermax is coming at the end of the season, and everyone says: okay, the team’s on the class I have until this coming season, to make him feel like it’s worth. His obviously Anthony Davis, even by the trade deadline, didn’t feel that way. Cuz he asked for trade market, on the other hand, has said that does not matter to him and guys, like Russell Westbrook NBA’s biggest Market. What do you think about Jana saying if this gets oportun money is not the issue? With your honest, I think his. What is the eligibility drug want to stay there? I think the fact that the city of Milwaukee has embraced him as he has embraced the city of Milwaukee. I think the coaches staff is in love with him as he is with them. I think it’s a marriage made in heaven right now for these two and I think yanis is those guys is very loyal and I think he really really wants to do extremely well, hopefully bring a championship back to Milwaukee. So to me, there’s not a problem whatsoever. Pretty much probably for the rest of his career is a problem. With your honest, I think he wants to stay out and you know you look at you today. I think he’s loyal and I think he wants and I think he is organization. I would I like about the idea of staying in Milwaukee, and I do like the idea of Giannis in Milwaukee. Is that the organization at least as far has earned it and you remove the top of the show saying that the supermax was kind of designed as a bribe? And I don’t think players can be bribed at this point? Not the Super Elite player. They got big shoe contracts, they’re smart about where they want to play and how long their career is and how they wanted management they have agency, they have ideas about what they want. I think you actually have to do the work that you were a franchise. They should want to stay with and I think the Bucs have done that being built around. They have felt smart, they’ve gotten. You can maximize his abilities in the coming year does far. If I be honest, I’m happy to give them my vote of confidence and take the extra 30 or 40 and 60 Spencer Dinwiddie. Is he posted a picture of himself dunking against the Knicks on Twitter and a fan replied and the Knicks are still getting Katie and Kyrie Irving, which may be applied? We would still be the best team in New York, Kendrick Perkins. I told you want me to say it: you got to be real. You got to be honest with yourself right now. The best player in the game and Kyrie Irving coming in still got to join with Coach spearsville over there with his DeAndre Jordan. Over there, a man didn’t really listen. I love you man, but you might need to go back to bed and get your little bit more. Rest. Mat rethink things on. I love you too. Man in Brooklyn has unbelievable season where it shows what unity and it cohesive, Kevin Durand. You guys will be the second best team in New York. I’M just saying it because you are the best player in the game and Kevin Durant. Amazing
Rachel Nichols, Byron Scott and Kendrick Perkins discuss Giannis Antetokounmpo being eligible for a supermax from the Milwaukee Bucks after being named first-team All-NBA in 2019. They then (2:58) react to Twitter comments made by Brooklyn Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie saying his team would still be better than the New York Knicks even if Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving signed, leading Scott and Perkins to bring out a famous Stephen A. Smith line from First Take and other places.

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