Caged while seeking mental health help – BBC News

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Caged while seeking mental health help – BBC News
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Caged while seeking mental health help – BBC News
Navigation, when did the spiritual books? If I wait until the spiritual side is applied model, something the prophet insist, it’s the only option. It’S not easy because we don’t have the facilities to come, find them and the moment we stop what you’re doing you’ll see a whole lot of people walking on the streets of Ghana. This is one of seven psychiatric hospitals in the hole of Ghana. It’S expensive and only has space for 20 patients who is difficult and aggressive. What we do is that we assess a patient individually, a lot of the times. What you find out is that the aggression, the balance, is actually from Anger from being Layton exit, ramp and validation doesn’t just include Channing, we have been told it’s using cages to beat the band change. A member of Staff told me how they deal with difficult patient. You can see the patient lying on the floor of the cage is to see how big it was. I felt respected and couldn’t stand up straight, taking somebody’s a human rights violation, it just unlawful and I condemn it. I know I said sometime as a human rights lawyer and I believe that the commission on human rights, the Ghana Police, the Ministry of Health, the Ghana Health Service, should move in to address and stop Cajun of mental health patients crab comes in Ghana. I bring them for training. The prayer comes the Proprietors, the bonus after you done. The training. If they pass, is where my purses will be taking us, haven’t vomited
Low income countries spend on average just 0.5% of their health budgets on mental health, according to the World Health Organization.
In Ghana, that means there is just one psychiatrist to treat every 1.2m people.
Many people with mental health problems therefore turn to “prayer camps” and traditional healing centres for help. Despite a government ban, many of these institutions use chains to restrain their residents.
A BBC investigation has found that, in one case, a prayer camp is now putting those with mental health issues in cages.
Reporter: Sulley Lansah
Producer: Annie Duncanson
Filming and editing: Christian Parkinson

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