Calexit’s plan for an autonomous Native American nation

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Calexit’s plan for an autonomous Native American nation
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play the break California off from the rest of the United States is back with an interesting twist the leaders of calexit have announced a new version of their scheme to create an independent California in this all federal lands in the state knows about half of all of California will be returned to American Indian tribes creating quote the first-ever autonomous Native American nation in North America organiser say this country would provide a buffer zone between the California republic America Marcus Ruiz Evans is co-founder of calexit and always gave enough to come on our show we appreciate that ship it to you after the show of course I noticed that the Indians are getting the Inland part the Eastern parts of California and everybody else is getting the real estate where the majority of the state’s population live if you really wanted to atone for historic sins why wouldn’t you give the Indians Santa Monica La Jolla right Napa that good point that’s a great Point you’re totally right here you know the best thing to do for a Native American people would be to give them back all of the land and everybody who’s not know that leave and then petition to become an immigrant and then native people could choose who they the comeback in obviously that’s not going to happen so what we did it collect it would say what’s the best thing that we could do that’s not going to fix genocide isn’t going to fix everything not making all perfect but what’s the biggest lie that we can make in the right direction and we felt that giving over half of California basically the American control part two native people who actually owned the land would at least be a step in the right direction and I want to point out California that you’re basing this on can you point to a reservation currently in the United States and say we want California be more like that and we don’t call it a reservation I’m not trying to debate I’m just saying how we ancalagon refer to it it’s definitely not a reservation and answer question we’re doing it as not a reservation because there is no good model of a reservation reservation sorry that they caused against native people open text quotation me what would prevent Elizabeth Warren from coming in as an Indian and saying I’m now the king of this new country I’m going to be some test to make sure that you really are an Indian before you take possession of half of California so what appointment what I said was that reservations aren’t working out because of America America does not native people owner land they’re not able to take profits from it the FBI can go and harass them anytime the schools provided for them are horrible court system provided for them is horrible and they don’t even have the ability to protect their own drinking water as we saw with the protest recently specifically Elizabeth Warren would not be able to come in there unless the native people of that area said that she’s welcome so if she isn’t a whole lot more but if they didn’t do that it doesn’t matter what she says four things that happened a long time ago so if one of my ancestors had something stolen from him a hundred fifty years ago does that mean that the descendants of the person who stole it oh me the money with interest if I can find this is under your dress does not an individual letter level so if your grandfather did something racist and horrible you shouldn’t be punished for that however you did better from it but it’s no mistake to go after you as a person to what we’re saying is that the people and the government representing the people should make Amendment so we’re not saying we’re picking on individuals we’re saying the government of California what’s going to happen to the Indian Country Indian will have to do what grounds can people tell them to do because brown skin people will in charge and if they don’t like that they’re welcome to leave California
The plan to break California off from the rest of the U.S. is back with a new twist. The leaders of Calexit have announced a new version of their plot to create an independent California: All federal lands in California will be returned to the Indian tribes, creating “the first ever autonomous Native American nation in North America.” #Tucker

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