California bar massacre leaves 12 dead

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California bar massacre leaves 12 dead
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California bar massacre leaves 12 dead
And grieving from California, as we come on the air here in the west tonight – and you probably woke up this morning like so many across this country, saying that again, we are here in Thousand Oaks. California tonight to see the nation’s newest mass shooting this time of the popular country, music, borderline Bar and Grill on college night for students as young as 18. Hundreds of people inside when the horror and the chaos began shot bringing out people under tables and barstools smashing Windows to get away running for their lives, carrying the injured as they ran. Police rushing to the scene. Heavily armed officers, including a sheriff Sergeant, was among the first to go in. He did not survive outside the stone survive. Looking for the missing friends and overnighted this morning, here families parents rushing to the bar. So I’m waiting for hours waiting for news tonight. We have learned that 12 people were killed here at the heartbreaking moment of Father here, holding a picture of his son burning heel, Austin ABC’s, Kayna Whitworth on the scene, all night long and she has the video emerging tonight from inside the bar breaking glass and empty Dance floor as the camera shakes that piercing sound fire silent for 6 endless II, then listen as people run for their lives. It’S 11:20 p.m. Wednesday nights in all-black, his face partially covered start shooting even before he enters borderline Bar & Grill, the cashier just a younger. I need the chaos the voice of the young man. I heard the shoot, I look back and then a split second later everybody yelled get down Sheriff Sergeant Ron. He was is the first on scene within minute, accompanied by a highway patrol officer. They Rush inside taking on the suspect, Sargent Heelys, is shot several times and does not survive 11. Others also killed several more wounded gunman identified by authorities as twenty-eight-year-old Ian David long, a former Marine Authority say it appears he took his own life inside the bar mat wennerstrom hit under a pool table until it was safe to run. He went through the through the window and then we people, whoever was in the front basically was pushing the glass down and jumping out and help helping. The guys and girls out here live in California college night here today, actually saying that those active shooter drill that so many young people in our country and out growing up with my dad save so many lives over night. How much worse, if not for the heroes inside of people, I spoke with called this there safe place, but now David. This is a place Mard with violence and death YouTube channel. If you’d like to get more, video show, highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts. Thanks for watching
Ian David Long, a former machine gunner and Afghanistan war veteran killed 12 people at a country western bar in an attack, officials said.



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