California Highway Patrol officer killed in shootout: officials hold news conference | ABC News

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California Highway Patrol officer killed in shootout: officials hold news conference | ABC News
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California Highway Patrol officer killed in shootout: officials hold news conference | ABC News
California Highway Patrol officer killed in shootout: officials hold news conference | ABC News
Good afternoon, thank you all for being here today. Yesterday, the California Highway Patrol suffered a tragedy. Csp officer, Andre Moya, was killed in line at approximately 5:37 p.m. officer. Moray was on a traffic, stop on Eucalyptus Avenue West of Northbound 215 in the city of Riverside officer. Maury I was in Pounding the pickup truck from that traffic. Stop at some point during the stop the suspect, retrieves, a rifle from his vehicle and assaulted officer Moore. He was able to put out an officer needs assistance, call on his radio and numerous officers responded singing, including three CHP officers. Several deputies from the Riverside Sheriff’s department and several officers from the Riverside Police Department commissioned officer Moira sustained serious injuries, the hospital. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries. I’Ve done seen. Two of them suffered injuries, one did not sustain. Any injuries is a 6 year veteran of the California Highway Patrol suffered minor injuries to his August, 2nd officer, a four-year veteran of the California Highway Patrol the second officer that was in a 4 years of the California Highway Patrol, and he received major injuries to his Leg, he was in critical condition this morning and he was conscious and talking and pee spirits and is expected to make a recovery. This incident shows just how dangerous the job of the California Highway Patrol and law enforce is in general, people talk about routine stops, but there are no routine stops is this incident proves has been very gracious, and I’m also like to thank our out agency partners. Some of who are represented here today, Riverside Police Department, Riverside Sheriff’s Department, Cal fire-riverside fire department, the medical staff at Riverside County Medical Center in Moreno Valley Valley tried to save officer maurier, but despite their efforts, he succumbed to his injuries like to thank the AMR Ambulance Service Riverside Riverside County DA’s office or instrumental at the scene, and throughout this investigation they will be very instrumental officer. Moyer was an outstanding officer. I had the privilege of meeting him. Numerous times is a three-year member of our department. He has been a motorcycle officer for last year. He was very excited about that his mother last night and he always wanted to do officer Moore and bodice everything, but the California Highway Patrol stands for with professionalism, dedication and service to the public, and that’s why he was a member of this organization by his wife. Mother, father stepfather Two Brothers, Two Sisters as well as an extremely large, extended and loving family officer. Monette was a outstanding individual and he will be deeply missed by the California Highway Patrol. Are there any questions very caring and giving person talking with his family last night? That’S just one example of of numeracy: he was training with the with the entire Motor Squad from rr3. Metropolitan areas got to speak with them call first time with flying colors, but he was very caring, individual and he was very well-liked and respected by the entire staff. Here any other questions several minutes discuss anything that we have right now are all Partners Riverside County Sheriff’s Department go discuss that Chad Bianco Riverside County Sheriff. We did have a a large contingent of security at the hospital. In a like this, we have someone engaging for a extended. Of time and about with law enforcement. We have three officers there at the hospital, in addition to the suspect, so out of an abundance of caution for not only our deputies, the officers that were there Del Sol Hospital staff, I made the decision to make sure that we have plenty of security there to Handle anything that might happen we’re still looking into that. Obviously, in the very beginning, we we run off of everything that were told off of rumor off of speculation off of social media. So we had to follow up with all of that today and probably in the next several days, but when we’re told of that information in the beginning that plays into part you made that decision to security there we’re not going to share anything with that about that. It’S too soon to share that information. Imagine this investigation is complex as involving at least three law enforcement agencies, and it’s going to be very lengthy. The gun has been processed. Detectives are sent out for any evaluations. Anything like that. So we can say that it was some sort of rifle that was used to attack indicators officers, not that I know of a again we are. We have identified the suspect and we are looking into if he had anything outstanding his criminal history, any affiliation with anything. That’S that’s an ongoing process, but we don’t have any information to release right now as to if he was actually wanted for anything or or what led to his motivation to commit this app. Ladies, that will conclude the press conference. We will not be holding another press conference, all information on updates will be conducted. Br Twitter account, I’m also here shortly, will be conducting any Spanish for those of you that need Spanish. Are you guys? Okay, thank you all for coming. Thank you. Thank you.
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