California passes law banning natural hairstyle discrimination

California passes law banning natural hairstyle discrimination
California passes law banning natural hairstyle discrimination
I have had other jobs where I feel like. Personally, I had to change so I was for the job and in the beginning it hurt because I wasn’t, I was always a person who or what are my natural hair. I have a lot of clients who said Amber. I love my natural curl pattern, but I’m scared if I go to work, I’m going to get that pull into the into the office like hey. I like your hair, but that’s a little bit different and I have a lot of clients who do work in corporate role and now they’re like okay, I’m about to wear my natural hair because it’s being accepted so basically natural hair is hair that is not processed By chemical so basically tip and specifically straightening your hair or a relaxing, the curl of the hair straightening, my hair was the most comfortable look that was kind of accepted by the math and we’re basically the only people who have hair. That is different than other. So pretty much everyone else has either straight hair Loosely, like maybe wavy, hair sew in order for us to kind of blind, and we had to relax her hair and make it straighter and it’ll make it look more like everyone, NY there and comfortable. I think the cloth important, because I think a lot of people aren’t thinking about it because they have the privilege to not think about it. And I definitely think that black people technically who have always been discriminated against because of dreadlocks braids afroz, any other kind of style that you can name. That’S not a fashion statement for us like that sorry discriminating against me because of my identity, my hair is, is Kinky-Curly. That’S what I look like. I shouldn’t have to put on someone straight hair. That’S not even my hair just be accepted. That makes no sense and look like somebody else just so I can get a job
The law is primarily aimed at protecting the rights of black Americans who favor the distinctive cuts, and was passed unanimously by both state chambers. The law was introduced by Los Angeles Democrat Senator Holly Mitchell, who is herself black and frequently wears microbraids. According to the bill’s text, hair ‘remains a rampant source of racial discrimination with serious economic and health consequences, especially for black individuals.’ Employers will still be permitted to require employees to secure their hair for safety or hygienic reasons.

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