California wildfires survivor’s tearful account of escape – BBC News

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California wildfires survivor’s tearful account of escape – BBC News
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California wildfires survivor’s tearful account of escape – BBC News
How did it feel tonight, USA, relieving guilty terrified for the people behind me? I knew there was a lot of elderly in the community that probably wouldn’t make it out. It was really difficult to decide what to grab so. I basically my mind, thought well they’ll fight the fire and we’ll just grab things to be on an Extended Stay to know like we’re going camping. At that point it was just a matter of making decisions of which weight turn and which way to try and get out of town. The am-pm was on fire, which is in the middle of town, and at that point I knew I was going to lose. My house, and then it was just a matter of getting us out there live. There was a section of Skyway that was on fire and when we got funneled through that section, you couldn’t see anything it all smoke. There was you no plans on the trees on both sides of the road. It had gone from a five-lane down to maybe at Lane and a half two lanes, and there just was like there. It was very chaotic. I like this white, I mean no. I grew up in the mountains. I just thought that, but it was so fast. It happened so fast we receive photo confirmation. Yesterday, it’s gone neighbor at my whole neighborhood is gone. I feel like as soon as I can get back up there and go through my rubble and which I will do. I will go through my rebel. I feel like you know where that’s at it’s a Hardy group of people up on that mountain and some of those people have been up there, they’re 30 years or more. The whole lives – and you know we’re very resilient and the community as a whole is amazing and it may take some time, but I really I really do
A survivor of the Californian wildfires, which have killed at least 42 people, has told the BBC of her escape.

Sorrell Bobrink, whose neighbourhood has been completely destroyed, fled the town of Paradise with her son and pets.

She described a journey through roads surrounded by flames and feelings of chaos and shock at how quick the fire took over.
Dozens of people remain missing as California continues to burn.

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At least 6,607 residences have been destroyed in the county along with 1,032 commercial and other structures.

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