Cameroon’s president vows ‘national dialogue’ to ease tensions

Cameroon’s president vows ‘national dialogue’ to ease tensions
Cameroon’s president vows ‘national dialogue’ to ease tensions
A rare televised address that was washed Across the Nation Cameron’s president Paul biya announced he was launching a quote and National dialogue to try and end the conflict between the countries. Francophone majority and English speak separatists are the future of our compact rats in the Northwestern on Southwestern regions lies within a republic, and indivisible prime minister would meet with security forces and arm separatists, but one of the main opposition leaders, Julius I seen here before his arrest – Was sentence last month alone, with nine others to life in prison of judicial Crackdown in years of Terry clashes that have left many skeptical of the president’s call for dialogue. The talk switch is slated for the end of the month and have long been somewhat by the English-speaking minority in their Quest For Greater autonomy are a good first step, I’m not military or judicial Solutions. Community and some 500,000 others displaced according to Human Rights Watch.
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Cameroon President Paul Biya on Tuesday announced that he intends to hold a major “national dialogue” later this month in a bid to put an end to the conflict between security forces and armed separatists from the anglophone minority in the west.

Over the past two years, the francophone-majority country has been mired in the unrest which has left more than 2,000 people dead as English-speaking separatists demand independence in the Northwest and Southwest regions. More than 500,000 people have been forced from their homes as a result according to the Human Rights Watch group.

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