Can Ants Master a Lego Obstacle Course? | ScienceTake

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Can Ants Master a Lego Obstacle Course? | ScienceTake
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Can Ants Master a Lego Obstacle Course? | ScienceTake
How does a group of Longhorn crazy ants come together to solve a problem? These answer known to be very good at cooperating to bring up chunk of food like a cricket back to the nest to find out researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder test Advance. First, they gave them a bit of tuna, walk their way to the nest with Legos Dan sappy, remove almost at random. The researchers found that they actually used two strategies. The first strategy is simple move along until it ends then head for the nest, but in a cul-de-sac when enough time passed without success, the ants which to strategy to they started to carry the tuna away from the nest. Somehow the ants communicated action and reach a consensus dance also seem to realize, when they’re, in a trap for the researchers blocked all exits, dance, pretty quickly, stop their efforts and gave up
Scientists at the University of Colorado, Boulder, studied how ants collectively navigated around a variety of Lego blockades. Watch this 2016 episode of ScienceTake to see how they performed.

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