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you try to prepare as much as you can mentally foil I’m going to refugee camp to imagine the circumstances impossible arrived at Pittsburgh pitch, Jessica is used to the Emirates Stadium this pitch though the one of the biggest Refugee counseling the game is itself is playing with the people you have that connection but you think that I like the shirts relationship weekend on the coaches at the pitch was built here in there taking it upon themselves to make it into something with you in front of them no different and the much well it’s two teams of Syrian refugees and I’ll smell coach Drew takes on all snow player path call big big strong captain in the middle guys now we need to win this game first come on in the next it’s training for the Syrian gills this is altering refugee camp in Jordan just 12 km from the Syrian border this is huge the * 18000 Syrian refugees of a small City Schools hospital and thousands of shops this place is well-organized we have problems children end up in any marriages in child labor kids still get to be kids here as much on top of that that often traumatized by the wall that pushes them here it’s weeks to train permanent coaches out here this whole coaching program has 18 months in London teaching on teamwork coping with stress communication conflict management and crucially it gives young players role models is expansion of the work I’ll Philippine doing for years and communities in North London London in the UK in accounting Jordan it might be one of their friends that that is upset or disappointed I’m nervous about something and they can recognize that in their friends Tacoma wants to think about all when you score a goal wall people don’t always think about when you’re nervous on the show the emotions that you experience that don’t necessarily showing your face and how you deal with that wonderful fit Canby wait to how you deal with problems off the pictures well what two people who said that it’s literally saved their lives a young person growing up on this site head some of the approaches to and responses already simple it’s about belonging to something positive it’s about having a sense of purpose and understanding of what they’re going through are you prepared to deal with we got you down a few studies at the last few years showing how toxic stress and consequences affecting children’s brain development having constant fight or flight hormones dumped into the brain you’re living on the constant parallel bad effects of natural growth within the brain and receptivity to think about empathy and ability to form relationships critically important things that happen in childhood so if we missed that we we are in danger of children growing up and sometimes any different acting having problems and hypertension when they’re old always would have health issues so it’s critically important we bring all this thinking too bad in this program which we have even to coach full and a half thousand teenage boys and girls in the next three years here in Jordan and on pitches built in Indonesia they want to build a program that can be replicated all around the world in Jordan pamex Muhammad Syrian refugee from Dara who fled the country with his family over night when he was just nine he’s been living in the count since where do you sleep Mom it’s Dad says he will hear before he goes to sleep at night glad they don’t know what’s going on at home they don’t know how long they’re going to live here so he miss just being day-by-day enjoying the football so give him just so much cropped classic when is his son interested in football since don’t go chasing skillful football it’s my life around me you or if I play premier league is for me the same stop playing for Arsenal in May this year he wasn’t signed to stop he did mention that he struggled with his mental health while playing also that he used to get so terrified before games ep choking back sick and stuff a constant diarrhea you’ve opened up about your feelings will recently especially my last year where I kind of reflected on my Korean saw some stages I I was struggling mentally and federal of pressure and everyone has a story everyone goes through something to speak about your feelings is difficult about opening up I think you’ll be more approachable to these youngsters so into talk about it helps get that out of them because they just focus on now I’m just happy to have a pitch and play football and everything I have experience with losing my home which I’ve never experienced so we’re talking about serious serious mental struggles psychological scars which a difficult to speak about are they prepare to go home like you owe you more technical more skillful he has to be like me and go to Europe renewing at one point is is limited to no end and it depends so much on the circumstances you know where what the future holds for this refugee camp for the Home Country almost relies on but they don’t care about that they just happy that that phone the second home and they’ve build kind of something here which a proud of that is proud of all his kids his house his cabin is got his little garden who plays football and just seen him happy makes the whole family happy for me is great to be here and just to see how much thank you these children of seeing things no child of a s*** on the football coaches know they can get them that old life back that lies before War what they can do is give them hope make them stronger and make sure it’s not that war that defines the future
Can football help children traumatised by war and gangs? Arsenal football club is building pitches and training coaches in Jordan and Indonesia to try and do just that. They’ve teamed up with Save the Children psychologists to develop a football programme that works on children’s physical and mental health – as well as teaching them about their rights. It’s being launched today by former Arsenal Captain and world-cup winner Per Mertesacker. Our reporter Catrin Nye joined him teaching Syrian refugees a few moves in a vast refugee camp in Jordan.

Reporter and Producer: Catrin Nye
Filmed and Edited by: Benjamin Lister

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