Can Missouri’s Claire McCaskill Hold On to Her Senate Seat? | 2018 Midterms

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Can Missouri’s Claire McCaskill Hold On to Her Senate Seat? | 2018 Midterms
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Can Missouri’s Claire McCaskill Hold On to Her Senate Seat? | 2018 Midterms
Missouri Gateway to the West, BBQ baseball and the blues home of Truman and father of rock and roll, and it’s also one of the Titus Senate races in the nation. It’S a contest between a straight-talking democratic, buy president for countries at a critical turning point, but his popularity there is teetering, Linda Jordan in the Senate, so who are the candidates Claire mccaskill, the Democrat in 1982, and became the first female known as a moderate Democrat who Says she isn’t afraid to Buck the party line? I can care less what the National Party thinks or what they’re doing, and it’s something she’s taking some heat for. Why the plane, with the Republican, Josh, Holly and Ivy League school in Clarksboro Supreme Court Justice attorney general. He announced to Seneca and high cost for taxpayers. Both candidates have tried to paint the other as out of touch with real Missourian. It was just about all the times. Policies for the state of Missouri and the United States of America into the US illegally he’s also part of a lawsuit to repeal the Affordable Care he has proven to be outrageously expensive for federal taxpayer Obamacare. I voted for more than a half of his cabinet members. Vote with him half the time rolling back regulations on banks, but she voted against both of Trump’s Supreme Court picks and the poles. The margins are razor thin. So the show me state they’ll be showing the nation just released on November 6th
Senator Claire McCaskill, a moderate, has supported more Trump administration moves than her fellow Democrats have. But will it be enough to hold off a Republican in an increasingly conservative state?

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