Can old oil rigs be repurposed as ocean reefs?

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Can old oil rigs be repurposed as ocean reefs?
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inclimate watch oil rigs have often been highly criticized for their negative impact on the environment according to the ecological Society of them there are currently more than 7500 offshore offshore oil rigs around the world suggest that the rigs can actually be productive and part of ecosystem and repurposing them as ocean reefs could be a low-cost alternative so tell us about these oil rigs and the kind of impact they could potentially have on the environment the positive impact in different parts of the ocean originally put in they were put into a stent pretty much anything hurricanes Toonami’s you’re all kinds of things are they sitting there quite firmly and as we now talking about near the out living the their age that Don seldom need to be taken out sounding will have to be taken out soon is a multibillion-dollar effort should we do it so apparently maybe not in some cases this week’s been there for 30 40 50 years and in the news I’m oldest fish kind of like came and you liked it and decided to leave there because it’s here is a sort of protected then Kelly was in the Star Wars around the towers the list new life kind of grew on the Star Wars and scientists in some cases of C new diversity around this race and they’re saying maybe we should leave them there or like cuddling parts and leave parts of the rakes there to keep this fish me away their time in some cases dual is no longer there when you know everything we couldn’t now it’s a question of you living there which in most cases I think it’s against the law against the regulations should we eat our baby look at how we can leave parts of the right there rather than pulling them out of there with the floor which is another really costly and damaging procedure cuz you have to approve everything should we keep him ask this, Lake Murray the areas where fish likes to live so what did you do in your in your because in your article you talk about how they’ve already become the successful habitat for some species of green life and in particular over many many years in the course of hundreds of years marine life full movie of the sorb whatever is in their habitats even if it’s not natural there’s also some interesting structural aspects do this metal parts and so what happens is marine life starts and there’s also enough of a safe place for different fish to eat meet grow eat that I trust in some ways you can think of the structures almost as a multi-story apartment buildings because rather than having just like flat space and usually wakes up there in multiple interesting shelter environment it’s similar Concepts it comes at a price at least there’s some cabinets here to to some people at consumer that if you change the regulations of can open some loopholes to not removing Ray said maybe should be removed for example kick was all the issues and now it sounds like drilling offshore is not really damaging the ocean so some people can make a point of Les real war can I bring some invasive species through the water they have nothing to settle on but if you give him some space to hang on and so they might and there’s just not enough touchdown but it might be consuming too planet the planet might actually be stronger than even humankind because it does absorb all the damage that we inflict on it in a way and it may take hundreds of years if not thousands of years but you hope that the planet will be here long after work on it after we’re done it actually really made me think about this push for alternative energy and renewable energy sources but then what happens to the hardware in the structure of the old energy sources know how do we get rid of them what it does in the deep sea or whatever I mean whenever you where is organisms fascinating Lena zeldovich thank you so much for coming by really interested thank you
In a recent article featured in JSTOR Daily, scientists suggest that repurposing old oil rigs as ocean reefs could be a low-cost alternative to removing them from our oceans. Freelance journalist Lina Zeldovich, who wrote the article, joins CBSN to discuss the details.

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