Can the US convince Maduro to leave?

Can the US convince Maduro to leave?
Can the US convince Maduro to leave?
Turn on the secret talks are taking place between the Trump Administration and the Socialist Maduro regime, retired Brigadier General Anthony Tata General dealing with some pretty disagreeable characters. There’S a Maduro 8 called Cabello he’s on a watchlist. He’S he’s been put under sanctions by us for drug trafficking. He’S one of the guys were dealing did try to get Maduro out. We just going to have to swallow hard and accept these bad people getting out minimize by any type of military action and leverage of diplomatic action in video maduro’s strongmen and been going on for months. It’S part of the Diplomatic and Military screw. We really don’t want to intervene militarily and there’s a war going on right now. Exactly and that’s what you all did, President will never get any credit for that from these people have criticized about the board and all that and he’s taking care of children. Women families that are refugees from this crisis in Venezuela can is handling this very surgically. Very deftly and – and it reminds me of David of the Haiti intervention – the Clinton era where they sent Colin Powell, Sam Nunn Jimmy Carter down there to deal with, say Juris. Who was the dictator there? Parallels are weighted up by and say, there’s a condo in Panama to get him out of there and then brought an error state. If you remember, and in that government improved with no longer on your knee, he has no natural resources to speak of. Where is Venezuela? Is sitting at one of the largest oil reserves in the world that it’s it’s? It’S not likely that they’re going to give that up easily and their other people in the region like Cube, like Nicaragua that would probably starve out of power those dictatorships if, in fact, they stop getting their oil from Venezuela and Venezuelan off the coast of Venezuela and What you’ve got is Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Cuba all intermix there, because they understand the the natural resources there, as you are rightfully mentioned, and the Pea Venezuela, which is why it’s so important from a foreign policy perspective that we take this on and move it toward Government are there give me 20 seconds here, but it? What is your percent chance that that Maduro leads and we get a change of government in Venezuela? 50, in My Mind, by sweetheart deal the exit like we did cedrez. Then then we might be able to get somewhere.
Brigadier Gen. Anthony Tata (Ret.) on the secret talks between the Trump administration and the Maduro regime.

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