Canada sanctions 17 Saudis linked to Khashoggi killing

Canada sanctions 17 Saudis linked to Khashoggi killing
The Canadian government has taken its first concrete measures to protest. The murder of dissident journalist to malka Shoji is imposing sanctions on a group of Saudi Nationals, allegedly links to the killing in Turkey, freezing their assets and borrowing them from entering country. The move follows similar, similar action by Washington and was announced by foreign affairs minister Chris, you feel it in Buenos Aires earlier today, she’s there, along with the Prime Minister representing Canadian interest at the G20 Summit, that we’ve already seen in many different areas that what Canada Says is noticed in the world, and Canada’s voice has real weight. Canada is rightly seen as a country that stands for the rule of law, a country which is careful and thoughtful, a country that does not act rashly a country that takes actions based on a thorough investigation of thorough factual basis and, at the end of the day, A country that is prepared to stand up for human rights and another important element. freedom of expression. So I absolutely believe that cannabis action will have an impact will be noticed around the world, and certainly I’ve already been in touch even today, with some of our allies too, wanted information about what we were doing. Thomas, the Saudi Crown Prince is mixing with other world leaders at the summit. It certainly looks like he was crowned Prince world leaders. Canada have announced it will impose sanctions on 17, Saudi national, it believes, are linked to the murder of Jamal khashoggi. Canada’S foreign affairs minister, who is in Buenos Aires for the Gathering, did not, however, announce any to Asian about whether Canada will stop selling light armored vehicles to the kingdom. The announcement also makes no reference to Crown Prince Mohammed bin, Salman and weather. Canada thinks he is responsible for the murder me believe, is that in naming people and in saying, in the view of the government of Canada, someone is responsible for something so serious and so odious. It’S very important to gather all the time, it’s very important to axe and speak only on the basis of real certainty, walking with her Mexican and American counterparts about a completely different issue. And that, of course, is the new USMC. A trade deal still will not confirm any sort of signing event will happen. One hundred percent tomorrow only the thing are tracking toward that goal. The Prime Minister won’t be involved so much in that today is he spending much of today here in Argentina speaking it several events about empowering women in the workplace. Katie Simpson CBC News, Buenos Aires so far reaction to minister freeland’s announcement. Let’S bring in Canada’s former ambassador to Saudi Arabia, David Patterson he’s just outside cologne, Kelowna British Columbia so meaningful. Well, I think there is step in the right direction. I would say that once the US issued very similar sanctions, please that we have at least yet arms suppliers to Saudi Arabia have not canceled any of their contracts. Whatever we might sell would be replaced by someone else. I think these sanctions put us in good stead with our allies same time. I think it’s same time. We’Re we’re buying into a Saudi narrative. Here are some weeks ago, announced 1770 individuals were responsible for Rogue action in Istanbul after previously, having said that, they do nothing about it, Solomon and the murder of interesting that you say that Canada shouldn’t cancel that the lav contract, it’s it’s because someone else or another Country will just fill that Gap. That is the argument that Donald made right. I mean that it is similar to his argument that they should continue selling arms to Saudi Arabia, but isn’t it a moral obligation for a country to say we’re not going to sell arms to a country like Saudi the behaves in the way? That’S how d’Arabian behaves there are many other countries that are arresting to painting and killing journalist and critic support freedom of the press worldwide, rather than it’s interesting that the names on the Canadian list do not include Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman. What should we read into that this murder involvement, if not his actual Direction? How would you, how would you say, Canada’s response compares to the United States, the European Union, other countries similar to the United States, and we have course in Saudi Arabia and the middle of the United States? I think we are certainly ahead of the European Union. Standing is still not got anything together and they have significant more measured. Chrystia Freeland of foreign affairs minister sent out that treat that tweets on months and months ago, condemning the human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia and and leading to souring of relations between Canada and Saudi Arabia. Oh absolutely, I think this announcement of sanction was measured, was thoughtful and was professional, and what do you think Saudi Arabia’s response to it will be? I don’t think they’re waiting to see what we say. The hard truth is, they will be react reacted when Freeland tweeted months ago. She right now is the US Senate, which, for the first time in in memory, they have had a bipartisan agreement to examine the u.s. role in supporting Saudi Arabia, visa V, the war in Yemen. I think that’s a much greater concern. Then our sanctions of 17 individuals, identified by effectively the Crown Prince, may be led by the United States in a way being treated with kid gloves. I think they might be at the margin and we have a very young impetuous Crown Prince. That has no seemingly Good Counsel or feathers on his behavior, so concerning many other countries, so I’m not sure how we affect the behavior Prince of Saudi Arabia. I think what we can most usefully do is to support Saudi Arabia and the Saudi people themselves have a better understanding of what their leaders to doing appreciate you taking the time. Thank you very much, thank you and appreciate it. Earlier decade.
The Canadian government has sanctioned 17 Saudi nationals linked to the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was killed inside Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul, Turkey.

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