Canada should engage Saudi Arabia at G20, says former ambassador

Canada should engage Saudi Arabia at G20, says former ambassador
Canada should engage Saudi Arabia at G20, says former ambassador
Are UN Human Rights official is calling on Canada and other nations to boycott next year’s G20 Summit in Saudi Arabia? She wants Saudi Arabia to take responsibility for the killing of journalist Jamal khashoggi. She made the call at an International Conference on media Freedom co-hosted by the Canadian government for a closer look at this. We have reached Dennis horak he’s a former Canadian ambassador to Saudi Arabia, spell during last year’s diplomatic spot with the country he joins me now from Toronto. Thank you so much for your Time-Sert. Let’S start first, I know you don’t think Canada should be boycotting. The G20 summit tell us why T20 at has a number of countries that have challenging human rights records and they don’t share the same values. Sometimes these countries are going to host it. If we have a problem with that, then we should leave the G20, which would be a mistake, but that’s are alternative. If we’re concerned about b74 that the G20 is a very different animal. How would you put pressure on the Saudis or do you even think we should various other things, but it’s a country that is going through some important changes, some important reforms. I think the best way to encourage those is going to impact that at all and the G20 and things like that, I’m not sure what our objective would be. What is it that we’re looking for? What is what is the? What is the Benchmark? What is a measuring stick for Wednesday enough, and it’s not clear to me what? Let’S be frank when you engage them like you, did your now persona non grata with them at all? What we were doing was yelling from the sidelines and wagging her finger and, and that didn’t work that won’t work, and I think that’s what helped make us vulnerable to to the kinds of pressures at the Saudis put on us a former Ambassador. How do you do that when you have a country that is violating so many different areas of Human Rights, Prime Ministers ministers in there on a regular basis, because the only way you can influence these countries to have access to the leadership that makes those decisions and The only way you have access it’s not for me, I’m going to find it so it’s a process. I know it can be very uncomfortable sometime, but it’s pretty it’s a pretty simple formula. Talking about khashoggi account has been outspoken on that, and and other areas as well is Canada. Doing enough, though, prefer that we had a full relationship with them, as I said, because I think these countries to try and moderate their behavior, we should be looking to do that, but there are positive directions that are going there. I think it’s in our interest. If we really care about, what’s going on there to engage him. unrestricted on the kinds of sermons of the delivered it in mosques, entertainment would sounds frivolous to us, but it really isn’t because it involves some of the first times that we’ve seen gender mixing in the Country sorts of things to try and make Body Waves a little bit better than economic changes to try and increase the number of women in the workforce. More than 50 % of the students in post-secondary education right now are women, so they’re important. It would be in our interest to try and engage encourage those, as we were doing a little bit before, but not at the highest political levels, which I think was a mistake in their into Canada, cut ties with Iran in 2012. What do you think of what you’re seeing now go on between President Donald Trump and the array Nyan government, you said just before we close and so now we’re seeing them so to go back to where we were back then, which is which is basically their responsibilities Of Donald Trump, her for walking out of the agreement, so we’re seeing this pressure as we saw before, I don’t think it’s going to A1. But these kinds of tensions in my region is volatile, volatile as a golfer, never a good thing in and hopefully some sort of arrangement get us back to where we were, but with Trump and some of the Iran Hawks. I think that’s unlikely. So it’s it’s! It’S a it’s a difficult., It’s potentially dangerous. happy here. I want to pick your brain. The US government is calling on other countries to take part in patrolling the waters. Do you think Canada should be a part of that? My shifts are regularly in the Gulf in the past and if there becomes a real threat to shipping in the Gulf, we should consider. As I said, we did it in the past. It’S an important International Waterway. It’S important to the world economy and La Canada may not be dependent on go for most of our major trading partners aren’t so we would have an interest in free shipping in the Gulf then or if there is a real threat to shipping in the Gulf. Then yes, but I wouldn’t want it to be seen as part of an auntie or an alliance, at least at this stage until it starts to really threatened shipping through the Gulf of Hormuz all right now, I don’t think we should. The problem is that a lot of the same since that are being put in by the US most countries – don’t don’t don’t agree with, but the problem is many companies do or have no choice but call or they risk their interest in their business. In the United States, that’s where we were in 2029 to 2:12 can a rat in the US and of course, they’ll always choose the US, which makes economic sense for them. So that’s where we may end up, but I don’t think the government should be putting on additional sanctions no senate or I can former Canadian ambassador to Saudi Arabia.
Critics are urging Canada to boycott the G20 meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, over the killing of journalists Jamal Khashoggi. Former Canadian ambassador to Saudi Arabia Dennis Horak, however, says the meeting could be an opportunity to engage the kingdom.

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