Canadian teen goes viral after America’s Got Talent audition

dad is 13 year old Jeffrey Lee Richmond Hill Ontario Making Waves South of the Border his Edition on America’s Got Talent has gone viral getting more than 12 million views online tonight the singer will learn if you’ll move on in that competition and Jeffrey you’re just now in studio talk about that Congratulations by the way since you so obviously performing seems to come very naturally to were you always a performer even as a younger child I formed well I start to sing when I was one and I start to professionally sing when I was eight why do you like saying I guess it’s just as you said comes out naturally and it’s something that as a hobby makes me feel relaxed when you watch the the Talent audition that you did and you see people’s response to that looks like I’m very grateful for that and honestly I would like to thank my fans for the support that they have they have given me to perform for you in front of so many people were you nervous that day you were and how do you deal with that well usually after I sing once I start to sing of the nervousness usually goes away and then how do you feel well not really difference but I feel like I’m more comfortable singing then talking to the judges okay so you had an agreement I believe was one of the judges that if you got past the first round what you did that he was going to do a favor for you to tell me about that he promised me he was going to get me a dog and well if I had a dog right now I would have brought it with me why do you want a dog well the dog people say that a dog is a human best friend and it’s more playful than well I think it’s more playful than normal other than other animals and smart intelligent and what kind of dog would you want you know I’d like a German Shepherd so pretty big dog with that I guess I did and so you got past the first round what happens next I know there’s certain things you’re not allowed to reveal right well I would I would like to join I would like to have this experience and I believe that it’s really fun and I made a lot of friends and performed two songs okay and how do you think this will help your career and what you want to do I mean you’re only 13 so you might not really want to have a full career until you’re a little bit older but I will help too my success in the same career and I’m really happy for it what kind of music do you want to perform as when you get older beautiful is that your favorite kind of song to sing well can’t really answer that because I haven’t found out what I like to Singa most you haven’t found that out yet piano okay so are you working on releasing something now well I am releasing I am preparing a new album was top songwriter and top and top produce music producer in America and when expect that album should be released not really sure next year thank you for coming in congratulations you have a wonderful town I’m sure it’ll be lovely voice
Jeffery Li discusses his audition on America’s Got Talent and how he began to sing saying ‘it comes out naturally.’

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