Canadians living in Bahamas worry about their homes

Canadians living in Bahamas worry about their homes
Canadians living in Bahamas worry about their homes
Middle fingers are crossed firefighter. Andre Devoe is in Toronto, but his mind is with his father and the rest of his family in the Bahamas. It’S a helpless feeling he’s doing what he can. Volunteering with Canadian charity Global medic, preparing emergency supplies he’s one of many Canadians pitching in a few blocks away. Chris Ashton, who was born in the Bahamas, is raising money to buy. So why is that he will drive down to Florida and then ship to the Bahamas. All we can do right now is pray for them all and get down there as soon as we can to to lend whatever hand we can. Canadian Tim Tibbetts, who owns a restaurant in the Bahamas, is the devastation, is unfathomable, found safety on higher ground, but he doesn’t know if his house is still standing. Three years ago we lived through the devastation of Hurricane Matthew and nose. Recovery is long and hard everything’s soaked everything in a ruined everything you own is gone in the coming days. He will begin to assess the damage, starting with his house and says it will be a long time until things return to normal if they ever do CBC News. Toronto.
Uncertainty around safety and what might be left after Hurricane Dorian moves on are ever-present worries for Canadians in the Bahamas and for people in Canada with family on the storm-battered islands.

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