Care leavers at uni: ‘I wish I had a family to go back home to’ – BBC News

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Care leavers at uni: ‘I wish I had a family to go back home to’ – BBC News
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I always wished I had a family that I could just got him to you. Even though I always wish it so many Adventure but what if you don’t live with your mom or dad what’s a few grown up in a foster home or Calhoun does the thought of what happened in the past and maybe just think to yourself am I good enough to do this not many young people have been in care go to UNI can in some cases affect the learning and I’m a Cali Valle my biggest question about starting University is how I’m going to get financial aid she has high hopes for the future tell me about your moods have a family picture haven’t moved between 1100 she spend the final year of a levels in a hostile now she’s living in a council flat in London and won’t get her student finance until she enrolled at University until then she can’t even afford the 6 so I need to get like I need suitcases cuz I only have one I will send you like a laptop like books and stuff wedding Cutlery know that’s kind of things my friends like do you need and how I like that parents should I drop them off and will that lovely five islands off now I’m not going to get that but I kind of just adopted do you have any worries about unit that learning and didn’t really have that many friends cuz you don’t know who to trust and stuff I always wish that I had a family that I could just got him to you. Even though I always wish it like I hate having to come home in the house of them to you I have to cook all the time. like really strong but then I realized I was kind of just making me like we can we call because like even though I’m in it so I’ve been independent for such a long time and I feel a little older than I already am 10 years ago I left cat and starts at University Financial challenges of starting unique as a caliber for meetings hello what would the caste system be like if it was really tiring and then they often tend to get moved around the caste system from Foster Care to foster care winter children’s head and the caste system doesn’t really provide the stability that young people need to be able to learn fly I’m in 89 and I’m just about to go see you today say I’m super excited and also a bit nervous and you’re off to study at Liverpool University she will stay in who’s for the times and come back to Karen for the brakes I’ve always wanted to go see me before we even met you on the appointment to go but without I don’t think I would have gone it’s amazing conditionally world of difference it’s still the children’s minister to us about tell you and others in her situation I’m at Kellyville in London she can’t even afford a suitcase yelling books or laptop to prepare for unit is that good enough actually there’s no reason the local so she can actually deliver that financial support these kids into college these kids are kids we are the corporate parent she’s a hater technical title but we are the parents parenting has been handed to us them varies between councils what more should University’s be doing better group of kids to watch Kelly’s so I wanted to talk I need a few days until the first week at University so how’s it going I feel like it’s only me I’m very scared to see that is that because you’re supportive back home you have the opportunity to be a student and nothing else I feel like I’m bothering you now and totally started at Queen Mary University of London she still worried about money and has other concerns too I’m not good enough for whatever I do isn’t going to be good enough even if I try my best 2K sports he’s been by and move. Are you kidding me some support resilience anyone tell you otherwise because right now we’re adults and we have to do things for ourselves and if that’s the decision you want to make then hundred percent go through
Only 6% of young people leaving care go on to university.

The BBC’s Ashley John-Baptiste, who grew up in care himself, meets two care leavers as they face the financial and emotional challenges of starting higher education.

Tolu, 19, went into foster care at the age of five, moved between 11 homes and then spent the final year of her A-levels in a hostel. Amy, also 19, is preparing to start university in Liverpool, but with the support of her foster mother in York.

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