Caster Semenya loses appeal against IAAF testosterone rules

Caster Semenya loses appeal against IAAF testosterone rules
Caster Semenya loses appeal against IAAF testosterone rules
Olympic champion Runner, Caster semenya, has lost her appeal this morning at the court of arbitration for sport, that’s the highest score. The highest International body. Looking at sport, sloth be a challenge, a ruling that would have force her some other female athletes to lower their naturally high levels of testosterone by taking drugs. Some scenes from Rio, the Olympics of 2016 and semenya powering to her second-straight gold in the 800 Samantha is 28 she’s from South Africa and she’s classified as intersex. She has unusually high testosterone levels, but those are naturally occurring. High testosterone levels, arrivals claimed that unfair Advantage. The iwi left in the iwf, which is the governing body for track and field International Association for athletics Federation, came up with tough new rules forcing her and other athletes in the situation to, as I said, low four levels of testosterone with drops to challenge those rule. She argued that the rules breached her human rights and now Cass has ruled, as I mention that was coming down, just as we were going to air about an hour ago, nice, with the details this morning, Renee you mentioned was about weighing the rights of athletes like Caster semenya and in the Porsche from the track and field governing body to what they say is protect. Female sporting fishing today said that the claimants were unable to establish that the new rules were invalid and then 12. The panel found the regulations designed to decrease. Naturally, high testosterone levels in some female Runners are discriminatory, but that, based on the evidence that discrimination is quote a necessary, reasonable and proportionate means of achieving that. I was name of preserving the Integrity of female athletic. How listen to what the general of the court of arbitration of sport had to say? Today.! They can be no suggestion that misdemeanor or any other female athletes in the same position has done anything wrong. This is not a case about cheating with Samina is not accused of breaching any rule. She has done what’s the weather tomorrow in Spanish personal criticism, 9 in the 800m in because at that point she was subject to gender testing from the I double AF. Reportedly show did you mention very high levels of testosterone and I double AF claims. She has an unfair advantage that that elevated level of testosterone helps her develop muscles and strength similar to men. Some of the signs China has been criticized and itzy’s new rules that they put on them that she was challenging and she lost her lawyers through all this had said. Basically, she was born a female raised as a female and should be able to compete as one and they are that her advantages and Sport are really no different than any other genetic variations herself. Personally, what does this ruling mean? Renee means that she will have to either racing the middle-distance races against women or take medicine to lower her testosterone levels. Now she tweeted not long ago after the decision came out and it red, sometimes it’s better to react with no reaction at the decision. Candy in the next 30 days, we also heard from the iaaf in a press release today they said they are grateful for the detailed and prompt response to the challenge Renee. Thank you very much as well leave things in London, but look to more of the implications here and Signal joining me in studio, because this has been the subject of debate within Sport. 4 years the whole question of differences and Jen in the genetic makeup. It’S been a gender issue, finish human rights issue and it’s been a very, very contentious one, and I don’t think this. The ruling today is necessarily going to solve it. Is it charged with balancing both of those issues has been on the side of Caster semenya on this as saying that she’s been unfairly kind of prosecuted in a way through this whole process, but also the gender issue, and and that you know some athletes competing against These DSD sexual differences in development athletes feel that they are at it unfair Advantage because they have no chance of competing against athletes that have a higher level of testosterone. So you can see both sides of the story and if you’ve ever seen, caster semenya, I mean she was Born to Run Heather a two-time Olympic champion three-time Olympic champion, and now you know – and maybe this was a case of she knew this ruling was going to Come down at the South African Nationals, she just won the 1500 meter in the 5000-meter distances, maybe she’s, thinking that this really was going to come down. She would have to move on to racing in a different distance to the course. The iwf has set these 400m to 1500, saying that the higher level of testosterone is an advantage I’ll see what she does with that and there’s also some questions about. You know gender, and we have this discussion now in sport. You know how do you satisfy every category in the silos that are traditionally male and female? It’S an interesting discussion that this brought up as well like? Is there an open category? Is there a male and female with a and b categories? This is something the iwf was talking about how they lost this case. We’Ll have to note something in their report today, and that was that they have concerns that may ruling today may have an effect on the future that they may need to revisit the ruling. So I think that there is some openings for semenya and other athletes Ariel, but I first menu this weekend Diamond League action in Doha. It’Ll be her final race at that 800m distance. This weekend, that’ll be interesting to watch and course will have that for you on CBC Sports for sure but death. I think it’s wide-open, Heather contentious issue and plenty to talk about, and we will all through the day. Thank you. So you could walk back, we’ll talk with a member of her legal team. Who is a Canadian lawyer? James bunting is in fact based in Toronto. A member of Caster semenya is legal team fat argue her case before the court back in February. So this is a very important reaction to what the court decision has been. Essentially, she lost that appeal. Mr. bunting, thank you for coming. In give me your overall reaction rainy day, I say my initial reaction matches. The weather outside we’re obviously deeply disappointed in the outcome. We were pleased to see that is a three-judge panel and we’re pleased to see that all three judges acknowledged the regulation of discriminatory. We are pleased to see that all three judges expressing can reservations about the Practical implementation of the regulation, but we were disappointed that two of the three judges found the regulation was necessary and justifiable, notably one of the judges, fully agree with caster semenya and would have Allowed her appeal, I declare the regulation invalid discriminatory, but the Discrimination was necessary, reasonable and proportionate to preserve the Integrity of female Athletics. We disagree. Obviously, our view is that this is a natural genetic variation that Miss semenya and other women with differences in sexual development have and there’s no basis to discriminate against a natural genetic variation, any more so than there are other natural Jenner Creations like someone being taller we’re Having enhance lung capacity, so it’s a threshold issue. We feel that this is a genetic difference that should be celebrated, not discriminated against cuz. You was previously, but they came up with further details of talked about how it is a competitive Advantage if the certain range of distance in terms of oxygen level in terms of strength and all of those things, and they were relying on new scientific data to to Prove case in the court essentially saying that they were siding with what the governing body had found. The majority found yes we’re Olympic constrained right now and what we can comment on, because the actual reasons aren’t public yet, but they’re certainly was a great deal of evidence before the court. It says a complex issue that involves a collision of science, ethics, morality and law. Does this ruling today finalize things or is this the final word on this juice and I think, even when you read that the court of arbitration for sport press release, which is a very very short summary of what the reasons were ultimately say, you can see that There are significant reservations expressed by all three judges about how this regulation will be implemented, and we also have one judge who would have completely dismissed and in throwing out the regulation. So so we don’t think this is the last word. We think it’s a complicated issue and we think of this she was going to continue to evolve, were considering our options at this time. We just got the decision and said a couple years ago, better not to say anything and again something similar to that. Sometimes it’s better to react with no reaction, have you had a chance to do you have any words with her personally this morning and what about her routine, as she always does today around the world options for her, leaving aside the legal options, which would include potentially An appeal decision Matrix right now is whether or not she would consider undergoing medical intervention to lower her testosterone levels, or she doesn’t do that at least the currently. The land would be that she’s not permitted to compete in 400 meters 800. In 1,500 events, for example. She just won the National Championship in South Africa and the 5000 changing her distance, because this is only for a very restricted range of distance in which they believe testosterone might be an unfair Advantage, so perhaps altering her running or stopping all together. That’S an option for her interview. I think I can speak for herself but she’s, an incredibly strong person with mental toughness and she will persevere one or the other. The whole thing, of course, we’ve watched her her competitors. Who, for them, are you equally passionately about how they feel this isn’t uneven playing field and who will look to this song as as being the correct decision? Obviously, why is this not something that creates an unfair Advantage fruit for her over them? It is a very complicated issue, some level on the other level. We see it in a very simple way, which is it in sport. We celebrate the genetic outliers, we celebrate those people who have differences that make them exceptional. They become Our Heroes and Miss semenya is one of those Fairwinds. She has a j variation, as do many other successful, successful athletes that give her inability to perform at a higher level and – and I would dispute that it’s just testosterone levels, there’s a whole number of things that go into an athlete’s makeup. But in our view it doesn’t make sense to discriminate against one genetic variation when we celebrate all others. Reasons of the Court will have to see where the legal process plays out before it has any broader implications. But potentially the regulation and the ruling have the ability to affect negatively many women around the world, but I have to say goodbye goodbye to you. Actually I couldn’t talk to you. This is such an interesting story with so many different nuances. They were very clear in making the decision she has done nothing wrong. This is not personally directed of Caster semenya, although she personally is going to be buried the best most significantly right now. At this point, the very difficult thing for pastor is All She Wants To Do Is compete the way that she was born, naturally, in a world where we’re telling at least not to put any prohibited substances in their body, because we’re so concerned about doping, we think It’S deeply ironic that swirl requires athletes to take substances to change who they are naturally
South African Olympian Caster Semenya has lost her appeal against rules requiring some female runners to suppress their naturally high testosterone levels.

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