Castro: Biden Attack Wasn’t Planned, Was ‘Disagreement On Health Care Policy’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Castro: Biden Attack Wasn’t Planned, Was ‘Disagreement On Health Care Policy’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Castro: Biden Attack Wasn’t Planned, Was ‘Disagreement On Health Care Policy’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Join me now is President Obama’s former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. You got your facts wrong. You want to clarify. I was just going to say opportunity his understand one of the things that they said was that the fact that people would have to fill out paperwork under Vice President Biden plan versus not having to do anything basically inconsequential, doesn’t count anything I mean I don’t know Who they hire at PolitiFact, but it’s obviously not somebody that never dealt with a working family or the Practical realities of why people fall off of insurance or other things where there’s a known process so yeah. I do take issue with that and last night. I think. There’S a big difference between his paperwork and that’s a really really big difference from 30,000 feet from the difference between care completely. It looks like a petty difference, as I pointed out last time in Detroit when we’re on the debate. State senator Harris said that his plan would leave out 10 million people leave 10 million people uncovered. So I pointed out that you know it would leave 10 million people uncovered at that time. Vice President Biden in Detroit said no, it wouldn’t the news. Media actually did the research and they said actually, yes, it his plan would leave 10 million coverage. So I pointed that, out to me, 10 million people uncovered is not inconsequential, whether you’re looking at it from 30,000 ft or you’re. Looking at it from right at ground level. That’S a lot of people right now, they’re over 27 million people who are uncovered there would still be 10 million people on covered under Vice President Biden’s plan, and this wasn’t about health care policy and make it whatever they want. But he said very clearly. I said you just said that, and he said no, they wouldn’t have to buy in. That’S why I said look, it seems like you forgetting that you just said: you know that some people have to buy in, and he did say that, and he also said that there would be people that would automatically get enrolled answer to mean. That would mean that a lot of people would be left uncovered. So this is what these debates are for were having a disagreement about. Something is very important. Let’S go to the issue, that’s not what Amy Klobuchar heard it feels like something, Donald Trump, my tweets. She said forget what you intended if three of your colleagues, all of whom I think you are in very good in personal, friendly terms, with believe what you did sounded like a personal attack. Well, maybe I should have I’m not at all look we’re up there today and that’s what I was doing. I pointed out that Vice President Biden’s plan with leave out 10 million people, I think that’s significant and they are so. I would point that out again the fundraising email know. What I see is that there are a lot of people who are defending a plan that would leave 10 million people uncovered, and I believe that the vision of President Obama and what we want to get to in this country. Every single person who has the access to healthcare and gets good Healthcare in our country, not 10 million people who recovered so I’m willing to fight that fight, Chuck a system where everybody gets covered, not leaving 10 million people out, that’s very significant I’ll fight for that It was not, I respect my President Biden, I’ve known Vice President Biden now four years of course served in the Obama Administration with him, and I think that that in many ways he’s a good candidate, that’s going to be up for the voters to decide what I Was pointing out was it he knew he had denied saying the words by an even though he did say the words by end and that’s significant to leaving 10 million people uncovered. So, like I’m going to have that conversation about whether we should cover everybody or we should leave 10 million people in this country uncovered every single day of the week country and I’m not going to back down on that B. I don’t care what the DC Washington establishment says, I’m in a fight for the people who need fighting for in this campaign, win or lose out of your way to make sure you are answering the moderators question that Senator Sanders didn’t and it was on the issue Of Venezuela – and he was asked about why he wouldn’t refer to Maduro – is a dictator. Bernie Sanders went on the column, a timer say whether or not he didn’t sort of address. The dictator question you jumped in. In fact, let me play the bike. You got me., Venezuela does not have free elections, but still you refuse to call Nicolas Maduro. Can you explain why and what are the main differences between your kind of socialism and the one being imposed in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua? It’S a vicious Tyrant terms of democratic socialism is extremely dictator. Buddy, who hijacks the nation’s Constitution Tri-C usurp as much power as he can. You know, streets, political enemies and the Press. Noodle is a dictator, and we have to be willing to call that out and tell him it still wouldn’t do that to take doing that, because I think there’s only so much we should get involved in on foreign policy. Frankly, haven’t followed all of what he said on the issue of Venezuela. All I know is what I see in my doodle and what I believe that we need to do, which is to support free and fair elections and make sure the Venezuelan people are able to get the humanitarian assistance they need, and – and this is the other thing I pointed out in that answer Chuck that was very significant Donald Trump likes to act. Like he’s a friend of Venezuelan Square here in the United dates and need temporary protected status, I would sign an executive order or support legislation to actually give TPS or temporary protected status to Venezuelan to needed. That is something that this Administration has not been willing to. Do in fact it’s taken a bipartisan effort in Congress to move legislation forward so as big a game is Donald Trump talks, especially when he’s down there in Florida trying to thwart the Southmore to vote for those Venezuelans were here who need to tell the other moment. That’S been in the race that it’s time to get rid of them. Are you on this in general and I’m just curious as a Texan? How will this playing Texas? Well, you know I started last night one of my answers by complimenting Converse or because I do think that he’s done a wonderful job of articulating the other, the frustration and also the grief in the sadness that so many Americans have had after what happened: El Paso. What happened in the Permian Basin in Texas and other places? I support Common Sense, gun safety legislation from Universal background checks to Banning assault weapons to 7-Day waiting. Of Licensing requirement, and I’m willing to hear the arguments on mandatory background checks. But I would like to see a stuidos other things first, because I think that we can actually get those done. Alright, thank you for coming. Did you check out our channel? So thank you now. Do me a favor and subscribe by clicking that button down there? Click on any of the videos to watch the latest interviews and highlights from MTP daily and see if you’re tired did you don’t know anything about where it came from? You don’t have to have that problem with us, NBC News, MSNBC MTP in the Meet the Press mindset right here for you on YouTube, subscribe now.
Presidential candidate Julian Castro joins MTP Daily after facing backlash following a tense exchange with VP Biden during the third Democratic debate.
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Castro: Biden Attack Wasn’t Planned, Was ‘Disagreement On Health Care Policy’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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