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Obama issues statement about John McCain

and some reaction from former president Barack Obama and I quote John McCain and I were members of different Generations came from completely different background and competed at the highest level of politics but we shared for all Bart differences of fidelity of something higher be ideal for which generations of Americans and immigrants alike […]

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U.S.-China tensions rise over trade war and Taiwan

airplanes and cars and allies over the past few months I’ll Salvador Dominican Republic Panama and Burkina Faso have cut ties with for more on this now we want to bring in cbs.n contributor Willis zero media and he joins us now I want kind of a subplot but yeah I mean you just covered […]

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Trump speaks at Ohio GOP state dinner

where is it going out of Columbus Ohio or as you can see President Trump is speaking at in Ohio Republican dinner he’s been on the stage for just about two minutes just thing dignitary so far and it’s listening to what else he has to say yeah that’s happening you have a lot of […]

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