Cavuto to Collins: Will history repeat itself in Hong Kong?

Cavuto to Collins: Will history repeat itself in Hong Kong?
Cavuto to Collins: Will history repeat itself in Hong Kong?
Lori was touch-and-go in Hong Kong today, as we told you the second day of disruptions at Hong Kong airport. They want a business on the planet, 74 million passengers and go there throughout the year, but it would shut down got a little violent today, and I got a lot of very, very worried today. Georgia, Republican ranking member of the House, Judiciary, Committee., Collins on that and so much else, some very good to have you our reaction involvement message when it comes to what’s happening and unfolding in Hong Kong or I think we always support Freedom. That’S a me you’re. Seeing that fold out on the on the street, you see the American flag during the national anthem, the contrary to what some in our country believe we are the symbol of freedom and hope around the world and I think that’s just being played out in the street. A long way long way away from us from people who are feeling the oppression that can’t did they fill creeping in on and they’re warning that freedom that they’ve had. So what does that mean on our part if they’re not listening to us, the president very cautious, I’m trying to balance it’s obviously the deal with this to deal with trade? Do you think he should be more direct? You think we should be threatening, but how would you plant support in his? We always have across the world, as we should be the country that is supporting him freedom and supporting those who are claiming to be free and not be oppressed, MI, but he’s also the president’s biggest playing this in a way that he has to. He has to deal with China we’re dealing with trade issues as well, and I think putting the two together and in the situation that we knew was in was headed toward another recombination of Hong Kong and Mainland China. Just is just now getting closer and closer. I think we’re going to be probably more of this as it gets closer and closer to that date. So if it gets violent, sir years ago I get a reaction from the world. I think the world would would react model of the United States and I think that a reaction for the United States, if you see an impression like we saw in Tiananmen Square and especially in Hong Kong, which is been a you know, a bright spot in the World economy, growth of the southeast Asia, we need to continue that thought process making sure that is open. I think that would really listen to pretty violin near response in the Innocence from the world economic stage. If that were to happen, then they figured the world would get over it, but they would move on and they did. You worry about history repeating itself. A little bit is the difference in a much different back then, and I think that’s something to keep in mind. They’Re also having now to take into account their position on the world stage there are there. Song is very different than something happening internally they’re in Beijing, so I think that it is a little bit different in that regard will be very hard to cover. This up. Hope so are building that they there can be a deal. Do think we’re close to a deal. Do fear that sad because of our hopes just got up or what look at the China America negotiations and you have to go to Chase to the lens of the old way that we always will go back and forth. One would give one with ice and President Trump has done a fantastic job of keeping the balance and which they have had the upper hand for so long with it being intellectual property theft and other things in the in the agriculture uses. The present is is coming back, saying: okay, you did this now. Let me go back and change this I’ll hold off for a little while helped our consumers. It makes China come to the table and say look we’re also in this for the Long Haul you’re not going to get the better this and we’re not going to cave in very quickly. The Democratic party who were entertaining that have to look around and just say: alright, it’s not going anywhere with a consumer confidence Rising. They would rather talk about in a present that they’ve hated for him since 2016 when he was elected and they want to just distract attention. My chairman of the committee has been going around on media all over saying that are in impeachment require Hino. That’S not true. The nose at the Donner Party become a committee press releases. We just want to have a Twitter moment to press release moment in which were doing nothing. And what do you want to stay here for impeachment if we want to his base his heart, as he has a primary by the way that is, I think, affecting him here to deal with doing impeachment when reality is it’s also a speaker blows before they’re protecting Members like here in Georgia, Lucy mcbath others on the committee and others in the in their majority, who do not want to have to vote on a formal impeachment inquiry, which is what they would have to do if they move forward. Remember, there’s always politics here and it’s not just politics and getting at this present. They don’t want to talk about the good that the present doing. They don’t want to help him, but I also want to make their base up here that they’re actually attacking him at the same time, politics, Carson but you’ve been hearing. This could have gotten what you back and forth with the president, and he is claiming and in the end, addictive and all that. What do you think of this whole back-and-forth? I think some people that a little bit too much TV time well known that he makes it just for the pleasure failed. He’Ll tell you if he feels like he’s being Miss, betray that something that he has done and looks to be in their position. To get more airtime, but I think what we need to focus on is what the present trying to focus on: let’s fix the economy. Let’S get a trade agreement done with Canada and Mexico, which speaker is holding up right now. She is what is holding up the u.s. and Canada. We need to get that done and it was also get on while we’re at it was actually do what we’re supposed to be doing and have some bipartisan work on immigration and things that matter to Everyday American school started by people wanting to make sure that their Colonies, Goods they want to get their kids in school. They want to have to give them the education kind of meeting potatoes issues that Americans care about sports and we’re just not doing those right now do find it suspicious the way he died a very much so, and I don’t think anybody would not here – is a Very high-profile prisoner someone who is in a bent on suicide watch. Why was he still not on? So it’s not in there? Why would I understand such a high-profile lyrics and we’ve asked this question Bureau prison? We wanted an investigation know why this happens because exactly hit something that is very true when something is not clear, everybody will make up their own Congress and thank you very much.
Protests engulf Hong Kong airport as more and more comparisons are drawn to China’s infamous 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre; reaction from House Judiciary Committee ranking member Rep. Doug Collins. #YourWorld #FoxNews

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