CBS Battleground Tracker Poll: Americans’ view of the economy and Trump’s trade policies

we are getting a new look at how Americans view president Trump’s handling of several issues according to our latest CBS News Battleground tracker 50% of Americans approve of how mr. Trump is handling the economy and 42 percent approve of his train policies the pool comes almost a week after his administration announced it would give you as Farmers 12 billion dollars would it cause a relief package for more on this let’s bring in CBS News elections in surveys Anthony salvanto party Anthony let’s start with how Americans view the president on trade football how important is this particular issue of trade to them overall he gets net negative handling on trade but was really striking is the partisan difference on this because I mean like everything else but but it’s important here you’ve got Republican tour strongly favor of the way that he’s handling trade and also with the outlook on what might come of even the terrorists that are being imposed now where you got Republicans feeling that it might have some short-term impact on the economy to the negative but it’ll probably help the US get better trade deals in the long run that optimism though is really confined to his base to Republicans whereas it’s negative for everybody and that’s what it’s particularly striking when you talk about the effects of this pair of how they view those possible effects that you would have the short-term but also a long-term goal as well part because that’s part of the dialogue that’s going on now right even if there are tariffs now dues that hurt the economy but then if it provokes especially for his base who believes in the president is ability to negotiate that well what happens down the road does that forced the countries to kind of come around and make better deals for the US so the Republicans seem to believe that and so you’ve got this feeling that they’re short-term and short-term you’ll get these negative effects but then we add what happens in a long-term and more of them say they could pay off no it’s also interesting laying what we talk specifically to people who said that they were directly involved in agriculture and thinking like they might have different views of course that could be in packing your pocketbook and was really striking is that they look the same as all Americans in that their partisan split made the difference in how they felt about this so if you were involved in agriculture but you voted for the you were with him on this willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and if you were in agriculture and you had not voted for the president then you were negative so even that sort of pervaded throughout Leesport Farmers because it was a time where you could pretty much predict based on ideology that conservatives would feel one way about this and that you would have other folks but now it seems to be would you find we found that Republicans were with the president on giving Aid to the farmer’s the 12 billion dollar Aid package the third of Democrats always supporting almost anything that President Dodge often times for all the talk we make of ideology and label practical nothing’s going to help then they’ll be for it and this is one case of that very much the president’s party now so we saw some Republican senator some Republican elected officials shorter point back and going wait a second Republican party’s been more for free trade in the past that would have normally opposed to program like this certainly you know what’s going on but Republican rank-and-file voters are going with the president here even as we head towards the primaries and we head towards you know campaign 2018 the base is squarely with the president and so you find that even then on these issues that yes would normally go against conservative Orthodoxy but not here will you also pulled people on their views more broadly on the economy what did they have to say about that on handling the economy and we and they give the president at least some credit for that if not a lot of credit look that 50% it’s half but it’s relatively higher than he gets for handling other specific measures like trade for example what’s important to out of this is what does the president then talk about as he starts to hit the campaign Trail and as they start to try to win or keep control Congress in 2018 that good economy could be so thing that normally a party in power would start to Wood Wood trumpet but let’s see if that becomes the defining message for the Republicans is clearly one that that has some residents as opposed to other issues that divided more like and that we find more ghetto deeper splits on and that’s what they want to think that sets up what happens with that with that feeling of that if it could have Tommy alright Anthony salvanto always
A new CBS News Battleground Tracker Poll sheds light on how Americans feel about President Trump’s handling of the economy and trade. CBS News director of elections and surveys Anthony Salvanto joins CBSN with a look at the responses.

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