CBS board to meet as CEO faces sexual misconduct allegations

how does blockbuster allegations rocking CBS This Morning 6 women accusing chairman and CEO Les moonves of Decades of sexual misconduct the CVS board meeting today and some members reportedly discussing what a moonbat should step aside as the investigate in a moment we will speak with the New Yorkers Ronan Farrow who broke the story but first ABC’s even Pilgrim is here with all the latest good morning Eva visions of sexual misconduct but we are now hearing they are planning to go beyond that looking into if this is a larger problem with the workplace culture at CVS like Everybody Loves Raymond and Survivor allegations of inappropriate behavior from unwanted kissing it’s a sexual assault the New Yorker magazine detailing allegations from Six Women including emmy-nominated actress and writer Illeana Douglas Douglas tell him journalist Ronan Farrow during a 1997 business meeting in his office moonves begin violently see her even pulling up her skirt Douglas saying the physicality was horrendous I couldn’t get him off of me Douglas adding afterwards she was fired from her show and told by Moon does she never work at this network again moonves admit to trying to kiss Douglas but denies sexually assaulting her and overnight in an interview with NPR unwanted advances towards her pushing for a dinner alone years ago when she was working on watching a show really expensive and I need to know you’re worth it she turned him down and the show didn’t launch and the conversation ended and he went from being very friendly tubing really cold CVS has no recollection of the meeting or the phone call now the CVS Chief saying in the statement I always understood and respected and a guided by the principle that no means no and I have never misused my position to harm or hinder any one’s career and this morning some publicly showing their support the first Wonder Woman Lynda Carter tweeting Les moonves is a kind decent and honorable man turn off broad who co-host the talk with moonves wife Julie Chen also tweeting interesting timing seems like an attempt to discredit Leslie before a major court case James may stem from that corporate dispute one unnamed CBS exec calling at corporate Hardball a representative for the head of Viacom responding saying any claims she is behind these allegations is faults and self-serving the CVS board saying they will fully investigate these claims and we’ll promptly review the findings and take appropriate action Amy do you think they’re going to do a me it’s really not for me to speculate about what will happen to Leslie moonves and in fact that I think it’s important to point out that the goals of these women coming forward both the 6 with allegations about mr. Moon and also dozens more talking about a culture of abuse across CVS is different divisions weird aiming to take people down the goal here was to expose stories that had been buried for a long time both this for Clinton what some women describe as a salt in the story and also up retaliation mean a great deal to do sexual violence and retaliation everywhere whether a company is willing to take the kind of action espoused in a lot of the statements made since the Advent of the me-too movement when it comes to someone who is so essential the bottom line I think that’ll be an interesting test and I do think that these women want accountability what that looks like is going to Way Beyond the purview of what I do is work order but the principle that no means no he said he never used his position to harm or hinder anyone score however the women you spoke with said he didn’t retaliate or at least makes threats of retaliation and he also went on to say that he admitted making some women on comfort admitted to trying to kiss Douglas but denies it was sexual assault so where is the threshold for accountability then by the statement he made some people might say enough to be fired swaths of this fact pattern obviously this wouldn’t be in print in the New Yorker if there weren’t layers and layers of eyewitnesses of documentation I think these claims are quite Ironclad we do point out the denials of various facets of this like the Rotella piece of it but honestly Amy it’s it’s worth looking at just how widespread those retaliation claims work I do think it’s important that there is that can Contrition and an element of admitting to parts of this that really does show that as far as we have to go we’ve come a long way and I wanted to get your thoughts quickly on what CVS or at least Summit to be interesting if this has something to do with a larger Viacom legal battle and they questioned the timing of this report that we address that upfront in this story and give that context it is these are women who started coming forward and reluctantly beginning to Grapple with whether they had an ethical obligation to speak after the Advent and popularization of the me-too movement deserve in some cases and another cases who took months and months of persuasion this was a really tough thing for them to do and we asked each one of them if this was connected to anything in that corporate battle and they said no thank you hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here thanks for checking at the ABC News YouTube channel if you’d like to get more video show highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts
The New Yorker’s Ronan Farrow shares the latest details on his reporting on CEO Leslie Moonves and how CBS is responding to the accusations.

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