CBS, Viacom reach agreement on merger: Report

CBS, Viacom reach agreement on merger: Report
CBS, Viacom reach agreement on merger: Report
This song is going on for some time, but it looks like it’s beginning to wrap up, because we are the two media companies have reportedly reached an agreement on this merger deal that have been in and out of the works for a long time. They were political problems there they were personality classes there. There were a whole lot of dishes that kept them apart, but in the world of increasing medium urges to compete in the new world. This probably had to get done. The question know where these at one point insurmountable obstacles which now apparently have been ironed out, as you can see, CVS shares at $ 0.50 with more than a percentage point and so are Viacom share. So do we go from here where these merged companies go from? Here, how do they compete in the world? War content is certainly King, but also delivering that content is King in a world were a year ago he has been wasn’t winter and now maybe they’re, not the one. That’S what looks like it’s a Charlie gasparino he’s going to top this morning. Anyone else Charlie, give us some of these details. Please, as we’ve been on the other Sprint T-Mobile, it’s a combined company CVS is technically the larger funny here. So it’s technically CVS taking over Viacom, but here’s the interesting thing they aren’t. They are so to spending this as a merger of equals, and one of the reasons why they’re doing it is because Viacom Chief ibacache will be the CEO of the combined company Viacom CBS. Still again, a little interesting is Chairman and CEO of CBS as well and from what I understand one of their hiccups in the negotiations in recent days, and it delayed this thing passed yesterday. Monday was supposed to be the day they were going to announce. It was trying to lock down Joanne L and some sort of a his contract, which is from what I understand at the end of this year. It’S somewhat detailed, but that is key. Does Joanne L stay Beyond two thousand in the end at the end of 2019? Does he stay until next year? How long and also how much do they pay him to do that number: 222. Aleve. At the end of this year, because he was not getting, the CEO job was very clear, as we were first given his relationship with a pretty good job, modded 2016, that he would become the head of the combined company. So it’s interesting the the deals done. Thank God, you don’t have to talk about this, maybe for and when you go get me a rapid. Just let me make this 1.0 KCBS in by comp together. Is a 30 billion dollar company think about it? This way AT & T, which controls warnermedia formerly of Time Warner, is something like a 250 billion company. This is a rabbit despite the Marquee name and TV Nickelodeon, Viacom CBS, you know what they do. This is still a small company in the media landscape. Lot of people think they’ll be bought in the future. You been ahead of everyone and all of this, so thank you very much buddy. We appreciate it.
CBS Corp. and Viacom agreed to combine in an all-stock merger.

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