Celebrating the life of trailblazer Cokie Roberts | ABC News

Celebrating the life of trailblazer Cokie Roberts | ABC News
Celebrating the life of trailblazer Cokie Roberts | ABC News
We’Re going to celebrate now celebrate the extraordinary life and career of Cokie Roberts. True Trailblazer, for so many in journalism, a member of our family here at ABC news for more than 30 years and the ultimate family woman devoted 553 years to Steve caring mother to lie and Rebecca doting grandmother to six. So many paying tribute this morning to the legendary political journalists and our beloved friend tributes pouring out across the country for pioneering journalist, Cokie Roberts. What are the best political commentators in broadcasting, amazing Giant in the world of Journalism, remembering the legendary journalist fluence on those who followed in her footsteps, and so many of the women here at ABC News known for her with an Integrity? She earned admiration from both sides of the aisle. Even when giving interviews calling koki a talented top and fair reporter, we respected her drive and appreciated her humor. She became a friend former President Obama, saying and mentoring young journalists every step of the way more than Louisiana. In 1943, Cokie Roberts lived and breathed Politics. The daughter of two longtime US Representative, Hale Boggs and Lindy Boggs collectively serve the people of New Orleans for 46 years. After working as an anchor at 21, she became a reporter in New York. Then political commentator at NPR 1988 coca founder home right here at ABC News, her extraordinary life and career and inspiration to countless women, George under got disrupted to a Trailblazer herself, bravely fighting a cancer diagnosis in 2002, while working throughout her career to highlight the untold remarkable Contributions of women in American history, world of work – it was illegal for women to become generals, are Admirals, so there’s a huge change in the years that that I’ve been plowing. This Turf, the impact of her lost, is heavily on an industry change so much by her influence, her integrity and unimaginable kindness. Every time you are with koki, she was the same. She was show to lean on. She was an example for us all sense of humor, and she had a distinctive was her name and a wonderful, twinkle she’ll, be remembered as a great friend, the great, loving kind friend, who would go out of her way to do what you needed done if you Needed some help she was a force of nature over and over again, I know you reached out to her during the debate before the debate last Thursday was saying I wish you were here because it’s so hard to imagine any of these big events without Kodi with It’S an inauguration of convention and election-night. Her knowledge was so deep in. We had such a great talent for breaking it all down and explaining to people in a way they could. He ran away, they could understand. It came to her naturally, but she also worked very hard at it, and is everyone has said what an amazing friend and colleague our families down south lifelong friends, we’ve known the family for forever and lot of people ask. How did she get the name Coqui her little brother, Tommy, Kristen, Claiborne box and a little brother couldn’t say Karin what she gets just how much, how much of a Trailblazer she wasn’t so many ways and how much thing to make them feel she had, and that’s That’S a huge impact and we are all going to miss her ABC News. Youtube channel you like to get more videos, show, highlights and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts. Thanks for watching
Roberts, who died at age 75, was a member of the ABC News family for more than 30 years, a wife, mother and doting grandmother to six children.
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