Cenotaph for Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan to be rededicated | Power & Politics

Cenotaph for Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan to be rededicated | Power & Politics
Cenotaph for Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan to be rededicated | Power & Politics
A cenotaph for Canadian soldiers who died in Afghanistan is being rededicated here in Ottowa tomorrow, back in May, in the Memorial Hall where the monument is Monument rather is located was opened in a private ceremony at National Defense headquarters, only military and officials were invited. No families of the following the angra, No Cry that followed, prompted DND to plan another Ceremony this time as many as Eleven Hundred people are expected to attend tomorrow, service and the cbc’s Marie Brewster is here with more tell us a bit about that controversy last spring Handling of it was the biggest Factor, because the original ceremony being held in private families not being invited but more, I think, there’s a greater undercurrent. I have for a lot of people who were involved in the Afghan war from soldiers, but also their families. There is no public National Memorial to that conflict to this generation, conflict no place for soldiers who fought there and lost comrades, but also families to go and and Warren. And I think that the absence of that created and distilled a lot of a – and hopefully some of that will be dispelled tomorrow. But I want to think so. I think you’re also going to see tomorrow among the families is. There is a sense that their sacrifice in the sacrifice of their loved one is being forgotten because it’s most 10 years pasty, the end of the combat Mission and Afghanistan is rarely talked about, and the delay in getting a National Memorial put together, I think, has been Something that has been hurtful and the fact that it was this Memorial, the cenotaph, was put behind a security fence and in so much secrecy. I think that was part of the explosion in the spring. It is perhaps one of the most unique War memorials. I’Ve seen it is a battlefield cenotaph created by soldiers now in the military. When someone joins it’s not that they lose the right teepatt service before self is the ethos, so their individualism is stripped away and in death. When you see the photographs and how the room we realized here and how they’re attached and black It’s haunting because it brings back the individual and it doesn’t weigh that and I’ve seen a lot of memorials from like World War, see the name. But when you see the faces the face staring back at you, it reminds you of the cost of war, the individual cost, and that’s why it is the cenotaph is so close to the hearts of the families and the people who fought in Afghanistan. Important is tomorrow’s rededication ceremony for families of the Fallen. Do they still have questions over? Why and how the military mishandled the event? The First Time Around song Wilson is the brother of private Mark Wilson, who was killed in Afghanistan in October of 2006. He joins me now in studio high, it’s so nice to have you hear about your brother, bald guy. My brother was an older Soldier and older private shall I say, Mark him and listen to leave 35, but but he was loved by the other privates and Traverse the young guys 18 20 years old by ferry, Maddox Perry. Energetic collar thicker than myself. He was so he was in good shape, but just a happy person involved politically he loved following politics and and that’s why he went into the military – was Post-Star September 11th that he dropped what he was doing in his life, and I join the military at age. 35 actually left basic hernia, stop soldiers and that’s something at 35 years old, but he had something to prove with the the younger fellas, ladies and men, but but anyways it was a short career because Mark went in 2003, I’m he was shipped outside 2006. Soulmark originally went into his basic training. He was rich waiting to go infantry, but then he got a hernia Royal Canadian dragoons and. Move to Petawawa and he was at your gun for over 2 years and and then he flew away.. The innocent Marks One mission his. Why he joined? Is he Petticoat Afghanistan? That was his mission to help? She saw this as he saw this as being needed to Canada being a NATO partner, as we all know, and when, when a country help were there., We all know Canada’s history, but with Canada announcing its involvement. It was February of 2002 when we said actually would stoop shortly before that, but February 2002 we went in but soon as Canada joined this this action. Mark joint. I know I know that that you’re here for a dedication, but but the original one happening and my understanding is you found out about that on social? Yes, was the original dedication here in the military brass and politicians by Tai it wasn’t. It was 2 days later. It hit social media and my and I have to, I would have to guess most of the families who watch them. It was Earth Day follows social media. It was wasn’t two days later that we saw this, but I vividly remember myself, saying it on social media and thinking did we miss something? Did we miss an invite? I read the article twice on, like oh, no families were invited but instantly on Facebook and other social media Outlets comments and families. The following week. We we connect together. We have a couple of Facebook sites, but that’s how we communicate people across the country, but by Ed minute-by-minute replies comments. What you know why weren’t we invited did you hear it? Did anyone hear from Ottawa and it was very quickly that my brain came to no one was invited. My first thought was these: are these? Are our family members on Hue no husband’s brother’s sons, Mothers, Daughters? These are our loved ones and you would think I know post pull out 2014. When we left the ball. I was told I was told by General Vance himself, great man. I was in Afghanistan, 2010 and that General fans put my metal on my on my chest, but I remember speaking to them about this because it was weeks before I was leaving – and I remember asking if it’s Ray at the memorial, where I, where buy medal ceremony, Was – and I try said well, we’ll see this again – he said yes, you will, and obviously he was speaking angrily at that time by Keane you as well as myself, that there will be something for our families host cell, that was 2014 and so we’ve been very Patient year after year there will there was family, saying when’s this going to happen. When are they putting the the memorial together anyways get back to what you asked., I was, I was shocked and all I could think was who made the decision. It had to be asked: should we invite the families, someone made the decision and said what do you think now that they’ve incorrect defy it says they are going to make it I’m going to have the ceremony eventually make it public that kind of thing. I think they did a lot of back peddling. I do know that days after that, dedication in on May 13th that they realize that this this was a big boo-boo to put it lightly by Todd. So I think you know the month after we received in an apology letter which was nice., That was in June 24th that came in and and then it was another month before they organize this rededication fight a lot of back peddling and it’s sad because if they Just did it the right way to begin with, we went none of that climate controversy would have happened to what’s happening tomorrow, but I’m also sure that primarily are thinking of your brother. This means it means a lot to our family, going to see the memorial as a family. I have my my sister, my brother, my parents, I’m so it it means the world to me, but if, by being with the family, we’ve met dozens of families over the last 13 years since we lost Mark buy it it just very consoling to us to be With all the families, and as I said a few minutes ago, I’ve been waiting and hoping for this day to come when I saw it back and ran like it’s not going to happen, but, as I said back paddling couple black guys, especially thinking your brother for A service – I really appreciate you so much thanks for watching
A cenotaph for Canadian soldiers who died in Afghanistan is being rededicated in Ottawa. Anger and outcry over a private ceremony has prompted the Department of National Defence to plan another ceremony, which families of the fallen are allowed to attend.
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