CEOs Say Corporations Need To Change The Rules Of Capitalism | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

CEOs Say Corporations Need To Change The Rules Of Capitalism | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
CEOs Say Corporations Need To Change The Rules Of Capitalism | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
This morning, some of the most powerful CEOs in the world, including the heads of Apple Amazon, Pepsi and Walmart, are talkin about changing the rules of capitalism. The Business Roundtable, a group of nearly 200 CEOs from major US Grayson’s, issuing a statement yesterday saying that the purpose of a corporation is no longer to serve shareholders in a company’s bottom line. The new Focus, investing employees, delivering value to customers and supporting the communities in which they work sounds good, but is it for real, Christopher Leonard back with me, then Nathan? The conversation a dear old friend of mine, Barry, ritholtz Wealth Management sounds really good, but cassio’s actually change the rules, goals and – and let me give kudos to Jamie as chairman of the Roundtable – it’s not easy to move to make changes. Its is half a century of adherence to an esoteric beliefs, only thing that matters is Prophets. That’S gon na end up working in your favor in the long run, let’s be clear, but I can’t hear what they’re saying cuz, what they’ve done is speaking so loud pay. Your taxes, I could go from just about everyone at 181 signatures and tell you what they’ve done over the past 30 years, Christopher, okay, rhetorically. This is significant because it does. The Business Roundtable was formed in 1972, with a specific goal of the New Deal broke up. Monopolies and empowered labor unions are regulated, and the Business Roundtable has been lobbying against that for decades, so as much as they might change the rhetoric and the language that is important operating Dan, these companies don’t want regulations put in place. That would force this that this ethos into place. If it’s just about God, we believe these guys, here’s the thing I mean. I think this isn’t some ways: a reaction to trumpism, if you think about it over the last few years, corporate leaders of actually had to answer to their customers and their employees on a lot of really important issues having to do with the environment having to do With LBT to the list goes on and on more Progressive politics and diversity, but beat the control that they have over millions and millions of employees and what their obligations sing. At the very least, I think it gives the CEOs a little bit of cover that they are not just a fiduciary anymore, but they also have the social responsibility mentioned in the letters. Ceo pay CEO executive compensation for the hundred highest paid CEOs in the company they’re, making 250 four times the median income of employees at their company all day long about what employees are now demanding what they care about. You know they care about against an increase in the minimum wage for their employees, in the guise of a dependent children and food stamps and other things on the governmental. So they don’t have to pay actual Fair wages are opening the door. We care about all stakeholders and providing real value to our employees now that they said that can’t one put their feet to the fire and say alright, let’s go deliver, as you just pointed out, CEO pay is at the highest in decades. Options on the table, for example, in Germany, you have members of Labour who can sit on the board of directors for corporations Beyond rhetoric and language on YouTube. If you want to keep up-to-date with her putting out you, can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos?
The CEOs of nearly two hundred companies say it’s not just about shareholders anymore, it’s about stakeholders. Risk Reversal Advisors Principal Dan Nathan, Chairman of Ritholtz Wealth Management, Barry Ritholtz, and “Kochland” author Christopher Leonard join Stephanie Ruhle to discuss how corporate America is trying to change the rules of capitalism and whether we can believe them.
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CEOs Say Corporations Need To Change The Rules Of Capitalism | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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