CES 2019: Hunting down the big beasts of tech – BBC News

CES 2019: Hunting down the big beasts of tech – BBC News
This is a demo to show off a new Carnival in people’s attention is the whole windscreen here is covered with this image like a big screen. Now the way that doing that right now is by using a projector strapped to the ceiling, but I guess LG styler. Let me hook up there. Anything like that. All you do is we fill the water reservoir down here, generates the scene back here, penetration, the Inside Out opening up the Garment and then his team to pause pentreath shaking make everything go away. How many times have you had to explain why this is Shahid? Favorite am way too many which way around location such as a restaurant. You can bring your food, I can warn you if the lights are on in May even suggest that, because who needs a human to do that, I guess you found this friends. We found his video equipment being so specifically fault. Video, brothers or brothers is big business. For companies like Saturday, because many of those plugs are using equipment as more expensive than big bro cast, that’s it for CES 2019, but it’s certainly not in French
The major tech companies lavish huge amounts of money on their gigantic stands at the CES expo.

It’s a chance to pitch their latest wares to electronic retailers and to show off to the competition about their freshest innovations.

As the Las Vegas event headed towards its close, the BBC’s Dave Lee went on safari to see what the big beasts had got up to.

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