Chargers, Ravens lead the pack for AFC wildcard spots | First Take

Chargers, Ravens lead the pack for AFC wildcard spots | First Take
Who will be the AFC Wildcard teams? I would so like to say the Steelers would be one because the Ravens will catch him. When you look at the schedule in the way they’re playing, I don’t think that’s the case. I think the Steelers hold on, but I do think that the Chargers catch Chiefs, even though the charger have a slightly tougher schedule. Neither one of them have a cupcake schedule, except the Chiefs have the Ravens and the Raiders at the end of the season, but they both have games here. The difference is, I believe, the charger Joey Bosa back would be the best team in the AFC. Since the beginning of the preseason, they have them back and they’re rounding into form. They look like the most well-balanced team in the conference right now. Yes, they lost Melvin, Gordon actor, whose very very good that she’s just lost Kareem hunt for reasons that we’ve discussed was that great between the two and in fact I thought the Chargers were trending toward being better than she said. If so, I think the Chiefs are actually going to wind up as a wildcard and not the division where well. First of all, I think you should be tested, then Kansas City, Kansas City Chiefs, the Kansas City Chiefs, 3. The last four games are against the Ravens. The charges, the Seahawks and was it the last – it’s a Ravens, I’m sorry to Ravens or Chargers Seattle. If they lose one of those home games, they will win at Seattle if they win all three slippery with the number one seed in the AFC in a row to the Super Bowl is going to have to come to Arrowhead Stadium, because even if they’re ignorant, they With the New England Patriots where to catch an a beat in the way NBA game behind, they all have what is 12 + 4. The Ravens are going to lose to Kansas City this week and I think the Indianapolis Colts might sneak in there and catch the wild card spot with. Andrew luck. That’S the only thing. That’S only trepidation. I have it’s Baltimore ND. I think and he’s got a shot to catch Baltimore this weekend in Kansas City, where I’m at with it, because you talk about the Los Angeles Chargers, they’re the most complete team in football, the only team, that’s in the debt, both offensively and defensively, ranked in the Top six thanks, you think the Saints are there. The charges are the most complete that mean they played really good defense slide them into the wild card thing the Chiefs hold on in the AFC West and then we’ll be wanting to talk to Cease the Ravens. I think of the Ravens. I understand Lamar Jackson he’s a rookie and people talk about passing game, but the Ravens have a formula that they can do a lot of damage and here’s what I’m talkin about the statistically on defense. Almost every category they’re possessed possessed in the ball almost 15 minutes more than their opponent, think about that they run so much more because they do a lot of design, runs and they’re running the ball, that possessing a ball and when it comes to the postseason that Can win you games that can win in the postseason, so the Baltimore Ravens they got. The schedule is not easy, but with their defense and Lamar Jackson being that XI guy that you have to defend. I said coltan charges. How about this as a sleeper pick for a wild-card slot they’ve been overlooked all year, I like the Case Keenum signings, that he’s the guy to Target. If you don’t want to spend the big money on the quarterback Denver early in the season, I would consider that a quality when they gave teams run they want done recently to Casey at Casey by 1 score The Bangles and six weeks ago. They got quality, wins recently Emmanuel, but then, after that they got to go on the road to Kansas City. That’S a game. I think they will lose. That’S why I’m looking at the Chargers right, but I’m looking at Lamar Jackson, who I like alot and believe he should remain the starter for the Baltimore Ravens. I think the beat Kansas City you got to put up 30 and even though Kansas City’s defense is suspect. I can’t depend on them Jackson the put up 30 35 points. That’S my only reason that I was saying:
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, and Damien Woody give their picks for the two AFC wildcard spots going into the last four weeks for the 2018 NFL season. Los Angeles Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos are all in the mix.

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