Charity under fire for honoring Trump supporting actor

Charity under fire for honoring Trump supporting actor
Charity under fire for honoring Trump supporting actor
Actor Antonio Sabato jr. said to be honored for being a hero of inclusion by Best Buddies. A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people with intellectual and developmental disabilities is a trump supporter. One individual right into the group quote: how dare you and your Republican friends try to poison a great organization like best buddies, you make me sick. Are you letting guys like that or people like that, get you down good morning, I’m the most loving man on the planet. Okay, let me say something good morning: everybody good morning C & C Concrete Pumping president, but these Liberals are out of their minds. I’Ve been nice, I’ve been living my whole life just because I support a different idea. You going to put me down. This was never political at this point. That’S why I left California, that’s why I’m writing my book next year, I’m going to release it and I’m going to talk about in Hollywood, YouTube channel, you’re, honoring Antonio Sabato jr.. One of them says you should be ashamed of yourselves. This is not a place for your political agenda, or children must be protected from the garbage that has been elected. You have an otter, even as Republican activate garbage Blaine. The president, I didn’t mean I mean listen best body is Maria Shriver started this 30 years ago. You know being involved with best buddies being around people with disabilities. Just brings the best out of people this about loving, bringing people together and for them to say something like this. They ashamed of ourselves because they’re ruining everything, but at the end of the day, God won’t survive. They want so we’re going to stay strong, we’re going to win this election next year, because enough is enough. I mean what are they going to do they just going to Blacklist people that had to put people down to going to start fight violence? It’S got to end. This is over. I mean you know what they’re afraid of the afraid of people that are a lot smarter than they are and that’s what’s going as a compliment to me and people that believe in Freedom in our country to their champion of the Year, Gala go to best buddies. Best buddies, Palm Beach Florida
Antonio Sabato Jr. reacts to the backlash Best Buddies is receiving after choosing to honor him for his volunteer work. #FoxNews

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