Charles Barkley on Shaq: ‘I was praying that the shark ate him’

no I think anybody who got the courage to do that is courageous I don’t want to hear he’s in a cage or whatever can something go wrong talking about it wasn’t that big of a shark that’s cuz they won in the water with the shark so what number one I was I thought it was hilarious and I’m glad you didn’t get hurt five or six seed at best but I think this is really just more about him going to be a Hollywood Mogul things like that down the line that’s just my personal opinion but the Lakers are not going to win the championship I just felt bad because to be he was a perfect perm the world and it’s just unfortunate that it ended like that I think the Spurs got a great deal and getting tomorrow and total I think Paul is going to be are going to be a hell of a player down there I think he’s going to fall in love best cities in the world I love it is my favorite City basketball card these are beautiful that well done and that’s one of the cool things about partying with Panini’s people know they going to get actual Charles Barkley stuff and they make a great product and I’m glad to be partnered with them
SportsPulse: In addition to poking fun at his colleague’s appearance on Shark Week, the Hall of Famer dishes on LeBron James joining the Los Angeles Lakers and Kawhi Leonard heading north.

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