Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes on ‘Madden 20’ cover | College GameDay

Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes on ‘Madden 20’ cover | College GameDay
Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes on ‘Madden 20’ cover | College GameDay
What’S the news on the cover come on you playing your game right, yeah, okay, I mean it really is a special moment whenever really see that cover and see myself on it. What should your rating be in the game? Cheat codes or something like that., Tyree, killer, receiver and Travis Kelce he’s a great dude in a great player, and it makes my job a lot easier. Having him out there on the field with me, actual football coach, Kingsbury and general help me at I’m just making sure that I go through the stuff I make. The protection calls I’m really just seeing green grass cutter ads living with the same time playing within the system. I think the nation is watched. You bake at the Cleveland. Other offices implement you talk about what that transition is like now for not just you, but the league is self starting to run these guys out here comes Tyler. Now he’s maybe going to get an opportunity in Phoenix. Just talked a little bit about this style of offense and what makes it unique the ability to play in space. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect. You can go out there and just make plays happen when stuff breaks down. I think that’s one thing that I learned at Texas: Tech, that’s really translated to coaches! That event. Let me play my game and that’s the more and more College. I guess you would say: concept come to the NFL you can play with in the system and and make those plays. Necklace coach Reed got me really really good at but the same time as stuff breakdown. I go back to that college. Tile making plays happening in free grass and everything like that Green Bay. We won a Superbowl, I love poetry, tell me what he’s done for you and your career so far in KC, when I went there a couple years ago, was there and he said Desmond. I don’t know what the sound to talk about this right here. Expecting he’s crazy, you are so far away is able to teach me that more than anything, he challenges me every single day, just thought I would just be in there and we’re just going out there and throwing a few touchdowns. He wants me to get better. Every single day and learning what why are we running these routes? Why are we trying to exploit this part of the defense? I think that that challenge of every single day, getting better at really get taken. Take me to The Next Step, my game, please game what you see it, why how tall is has nothing to do with him? If he’s in the right system, I mean football, you know that he can play it in the NFL. I mean it’s a high. I’Ve seen him play since he was a high school state champion in Tech play at the top level of Baker. This last year you see Tyler. Now you see all these other guys that are in this Draft when they can pee and they go out there every single day when they’re trying to get better and they’re trying to win no matter what it takes. Go to the guy on Sundays, but they’re going to master the morning perk quickly. I mean that it’s an everyday every hour of it. I mean it that’s what the biggest thing was for me is that we went out there every single day. Luckily I had Alex Smith in front of me and who taught me the ropes, professional quarterbacks, not about playing on Sunday. What you do during the week. I don’t know what the biggest thing that I learned my first year there was. You have to attack every single day of that mindset of this hours on Sunday really cool, really
Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes will be on the cover of “Madden 20.” He discusses how playing at Texas Tech helped prepare him for the NFL.
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