China would be foolish to use its military to stop protests: Kennedy

China would be foolish to use its military to stop protests: Kennedy
China would be foolish to use its military to stop protests: Kennedy
Fairport, for a second day in a row grounding plane with one of the world’s busiest airports at a standstill and Chinese War gadgets and massing at Hong Kong border. It’S clear. The stalemate will soon be broken. The British return Hong Kong to China in 1997 with the one country two systems, understanding that would allow Hong Kong to thrive and prosper is arguably the freest city in the world, similar constitutional freedoms that we enjoy here, namely freedom of speech, press assembly demonstration, actively a Routing Hong Kong Liberty, so the freedom virus doesn’t infect the main lamps and prosecute in their system and their ports, which is a top-down Justice. Folding machine in frequently side steps, basic human rights, facial recognition, systems for sin to re-education camps survive an overwhelming International response. Incomprehensibly, low unemployment and a stunning $ 61,000 per year, GDP per capita land in China’s unfair and authoritarian demands the basic and necessary rice every human on earth should enjoy, and we should support the crafty and Earnest protesters very determined David MO
FOX Business’ Kennedy on the massive protests in Hong Kong.

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