China’s hidden camps – BBC News

China’s hidden camps – BBC News
Wow, look at this like a city displays of police might are everywhere, don’t want you to see Behind These blue steel walls in a fullness school is what’s China calls a vocational training center looks more like a prison. Nearby relatives came up to visit from above the Grimm. Details can be picked out last year the school had a football pitch. Today, it’s covered with. What look like accommodation blocks Watch Tower is a visible on the corner. Just outside the fence. We stopped to speak to a family. Some officials try to stop his filming us another intervenes. Let them speak. She says I ask who that visiting my dad, jinjiang Spain, Muslim minority, I known as the weakest. We find many of their homes locked and deserted. Sinister official notices on the door say the missing, while being looked after one, credible estimate suggests up to a million people, may now be detained. BBC who see new detailed satellite analysis of dozens of suspected camps across jinjiang. Few of them look much like schools. This giant compound is surrounded by a high with 16 watchtowers. We try to approach this site by car, then the police block our way. If this really is all about education, then why the effort to stop is getting close. Impressive thing is that shows a more recent image. It’S clear how much the sizes grown. What, if something, much bigger by identifying many other similar secure facilities right across changing plotting their growth over time, shows just how fast that being satellite see beyond what the human eye can see. As the years past we have detected, the number of infrastructure is being built, increases and, most significantly in the three years in prison design. Experts tell us this could now be one of the biggest detention facilities in the world holding 11,000 inmates. At the very least China denies, it is detaining Muslims in jinjiang. In response to the allegations State TV has been showing classrooms of supposedly grateful adults willingly on the going Education. Without this I might have followed religious extremists. This woman says from a vegetable filled to another one of China’s new schools less than 6 months, complete with watchtowers. We try to film
The BBC has new evidence that China is building a vast network of internment camps for its Muslim population in the western region of Xinjiang. Experts say one facility we’ve identified could be one of the biggest detention centres in the world.
It’s thought as many as a million Muslims from the Uighur community are being held without trial in Xinjiang. China denies the claims, saying it has a programme of “vocational training centres” – needed to combat the threat of terrorism.
But the BBC has seen analysis that suggests the number of secure, prison-like facilities in the area has more than doubled in the past two years.
Accounts of life for individuals inside these places tell of abuse and humiliation. Our China correspondent John Sudworth reports from a part of the country where journalists are often prevented from filming.

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