Chinese Embassy tells Canada to stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs

Chinese Embassy tells Canada to stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs
Chinese Embassy tells Canada to stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs
The Trudeau government, support of peaceful protest in Hong Kong has sparked a Stern response from the Chinese Embassy in Ottowa in a statement on its website, says, and China’s Internal Affairs and ads this under the current situation. The Canadian side should be cautious on his words and deeds. Regarding the Hong Kong related issue, the response follows a joint statement by how does foreign minister Christopher Linden the EU on Saturday. It condemned the violence between police and demonstrators, but it didn’t specifically blame either. Side are Chase. Team has reached this man. Robertson, he’s in our nation’s capital is a former Canadian Diplomat served in Hong Kong is also the vice president of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute. So call him as you look at the back and forth. What do you Beijing warning beyond the bounds since they’re, pressing back as as they have in the past, and I think it was very much Ashley called for restraint on the part of the Chinese finger? Wagging? Have a further action against do have to speak out in Hong Kong and my suggestion is a point, an eminent persons group to two monitors: International Covenants, Hong Kong against some kind of food, for example, RC food as an example of Liberty and democracy. How how strong guts of these Champions will they haven’t got that’s what I’m asking democracy was, so they are going to come up with. What do you think when they meet and the world will be watching, because it will be a a statement that we’ll all have to wear we’re? Probably not going to see a lot of not present, and for this to have real effect. The United States has to be there, and I suspect she spoke to Pompeo in the White House will have to have all the British foreign minister didn’t come take to the sidelines on this. That don’t come with their guts, happy to try and play this down. Because of the the beep relationships, many of them have with China, this is always been a part of the requirement for greater political rights are basically in a closed system guaranteed by the Chinese, for you know what I spoke with his family. Perhaps that’s an understatement to into the nth degree, do you think Canada will be a leader at the G7 when it comes to protecting Liberty, democracy and speaking up statement on Saturday christophine? I think working with her partner European Union formed question question for you, calling we are in an election year at we’re waiting for you know the actual RIT to be dropped, which will be very soon. Do you think this will be on the priority list party’s or is it not even not even there ADP support democracy in Hong Kong, Canadian Diplomat is served in Hong Kong.
Canada issued a joint statement with the EU in defence of the “fundamental right of assembly” for Hong Kong citizens. The Chinese Embassy in Ottawa responded, saying Canada should “immediately stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs and China’s internal affairs.” Colin Robertson, a former Canadian diplomat who served in Hong Kong, says, “The Canadian side should be cautious on its words.”

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