Chowberry app prevents food waste in Nigeria – BBC News

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Chowberry app prevents food waste in Nigeria – BBC News
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Chowberry app prevents food waste in Nigeria – BBC News
We’Re saying take what would have been wasted, give it to people that need it. The most people really wants to reach the needy. People in local communities call States, people do not have access to smartphones, they don’t have access to Internet. The ngos are the bridge between us and those other people that want to use a platform discounted products, take it to them or able to provide food for them on their feeding programs, using an app you able to easily feed 200 people without breaking the maximum. The problem is very real. I remember growing up at about 11 years old and going without food for a whole day, but now I’m what was more, very disturbing to me besides Tujunga was the fear. The fear I’m not knowing where the next meal was going to come from silly quotes anybody technology, the huge role in addressing issues of food safety, food availability and food waste in Nigeria, because a lot of this has to do with just inefficient information sharing and solutions That help no, where food is available at a cheaper rate and help people who have those kinds of do supplies of food to dispose of them. It could end up being an Uber for food. Everything we have via was just from one store, so imagine 10,000 stores or 10000 suppliers or 10,000 manufacturers, and then we could then have the capacity to feed more communities, impacted millions of people just from a single solution.
Nigerian tech entrepreneur Oscar Eponimo’s childhood was fuelled by hunger. When his father got sick and couldn’t work, the whole family went hungry.
But could Oscar have the answer to food waste? He’s invented an app called Chowberry which connects people to supermarket food that would ordinarily end up in the bin.

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