Christopher Dickey: We’re Seeing The Death Of Democracy In America & Europe | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Christopher Dickey: We’re Seeing The Death Of Democracy In America & Europe | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Christopher Dickey: We’re Seeing The Death Of Democracy In America & Europe | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Secretary Pompeo, but I actually spoke to Mike Pompeo about that. You, like the idea of having somebody in there with them, and I do too we have 15 candidates, everybody wants it badly, as you can imagine, and will probably next week, sometime make that decision. It’S a great job, it’s great, because it’s a lot of fun to work with Donald Trump that it’s very easy actually to work with them. You know why it’s easy cuz! I make all the decisions already. The president now needs to find a fourth National Security advisor. The third person to hold that job John Bolton, the president, wants called Mike Baldwin As Trump prepares to meet world leaders at the UN General Assembly next week before the President Nixon president continues to send conflicting messages on tariffs with China. Now says: he’s open to an interim trade deal of some sort. What’S the treasury Department imposes new sanctions to punish North Korean computer hackers, so just sort it all out with us tonight, Christopher Dickey, a veteran foreign correspondent, journalist author. He is the paris-based world news editor for the day, who happens to be with us here in New York tonight and just in case people don’t recognize you. I have something prepared for people. As we normally see you, there is the Sean’s Alizee Christopher Dicky. Have you ever, I have to start on the darkest. No tell the good people watching at home what you said to me about democracy in the break, we’re seeing the rise of what is calling itself. Populism claims to speak in the name of the people, but in fact is destroying the basic institutions of Republican, small R Republican government when the history books are written, hey. That is one of the more chilling thing set at this table, be when the history books are written. How much credit or blame will mr. Putin get well either he’s very lucky or very skilled in manipulating situation? We’Re both. I think both, I think he’s been he’s benefited from characters like Boris Johnson. I don’t think Boris, Johnson’s necessarily working for Putin. I think he’s definitely benefited from the election of Donald Trump. He’S benefited from the crisis of migration and other issues that have created the sense of really great misgivings in Europe and he’s basically taking Revenge. Because you have to remember about Putin that he feels and there’s always, that the Western intelligence Services were undermining his authority and interfering with his efforts to rebuild the Russian Empire, and so this is his revenge. He he saw the weakness in the in the western systems and he baptism and the first and biggest target will not the first, but the biggest target was the United States. He used on us techniques that he views in the Baltic republics and other places, and they were very successful – is a mess. If it’s not a mess. It’Ll do till the mess gets here we’ll we look back on brexit as the first probing of the Russians to see if they could not affect a democracy and the Atlanta but yeah. I think they didn’t have to do that. Much work in on brexit. They did try to influence the brexit situation, but I don’t think that they had really prepared for it that much because nobody really had seen it coming for this referendum. Although he said he would do it. It was one of those things that people think nice you’re. Really going to do it if it’s based on all kinds of things: the resentment of rural populations, spheres of migration, this kind of thing and the Russians, the Russians tried to feed that, but where they really went into went to work was on the United States that That we see very clearly from the Miller report. This is that somehow the Mueller report was some fabrication that it was irrelevant. Ariane equivocal the Russians set out to have a profound effect on the elections in 2016, the incredibilii to the legitimacy of Hillary Clinton by the kinds of games that they played and then when they saw that Trump could win. Of course they put as much effort as they couldn’t before we send you back to the Sean’s Alizee the conclusion of your brief trip home. If I begged you to end on a hopeful note, maybe in a post Merkel, Germany may be in Europe. Where would it be? Where do you find Hope? Well, I think their frustrations and every every one of the countries. I think that Emmanuel macron older the president of France, where I live, I think that he is trying to do the right things. I think he is a Democrat, although his authority is very power, but I think that he understands the kinds of things that we’re discussing also, although she’s on her way out she’s a lame duck, she still a powerful influence, people’s been hanging onto Democratic institutions of country That still remembers fascism for what it really was, and I think of resistance mini signs, thought that the European parliamentary elections, a few minutes at months ago, would be swept by these far-right parties, and that didn’t happen. In fact, the parties that are on the rise are the green parties in Europe because in Europe, unlike United States, the environment, climate change, those are huge and vital issues for voters at many levels, but particular for the young people of Europe, and they just basically don’t Want to inherit the world that says burned alive, hey there, I’m Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube. 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With populism on the rise in the U.S. and across Europe, veteran foreign journalist Christopher Dickey gives a stark warning.
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Christopher Dickey: We’re Seeing The Death Of Democracy In America & Europe | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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