Chrystia Freeland blasts U.S. tariffs: “Unjustified, illegal and absurd.”

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Chrystia Freeland blasts U.S. tariffs: “Unjustified, illegal and absurd.”
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Chrystia Freeland blasts U.S. tariffs: “Unjustified, illegal and absurd.”
So we of course, are very aware of the results of the US midterms in the US. Political systems in negotiating partner is the ustr and its leader Ambassador lighthouse. She was our counterparty for negotiating agreement and, as I think, Canadians go very well on the 30th of September, we reached an agreement in principle with the US and Mexico in terms of the ratification process going forward in the United States. That is very much a domestic issue for the American, just as our own ratification process is a domestic issue for us and just as I don’t think, Canadians would really welcome us involvement in our domestic ratification. I don’t think that is appropriate for us to get involved in that us domestic process. Having said that, one of our cheap interest in this negotiation was an updated labor chapter with stronger labor protection. This agreement has the strongest labor chapter of any Trade Agreement. Canada has ever concluded, and Canada has the highest labor standards and anywhere in North America, so we’re always in favor of high ambition in labor guarantees in our trade agreements. That’S good for Canadian workers and we always support. What’S good for Canadian worker Steel, company, SW and robbers by the Tariff going both ways to produce raw steel year, it gets shipped to the US to get Sarah back. The process deal again find themselves effectively in this deal. What I have to say to Canadian steelworkers and Canadian steel companies is, we support you, a thousand percent. I had a very good meeting with leaders from the steel industry in Toronto last Friday and we are 100 % supportive of the Canadian steel industry when it comes to the US-23 to tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum. What Canada said from day one when these tariffs were first thing in the United States, is that they were unjustified, that they were illegal and, frankly, that they were absurd. We have to remember the 2-3-2 section which justifies the living of these tariff. Canadian steel and aluminum is a national security consideration, so the argument being made is that Canadian, steel and aluminum somehow poses a national security threat to the United States. We think that is – and I think looking around here you know see all the work that all these guys are doing for us company. We are not a strategic threat to United States. We are a strategic partner and Canada has made. That point is making that point and legal challenges to the 232 Terrace. We are challenging them at the WTO and at math. Tribunal and, crucially, because these tariffs were so absurd. Canada took the very strong step of introducing our own retaliatory measures. In response, Canada’s retaliation was measured, it was perfectly reciprocal and it will remain in place until the lift its Terrace. Now what we say American Partners is having me tariffs on both sides is not good for anybody, and there is a very simple answer, which is both countries should lift their tariff. I’M ready to do it. This afternoon I have been taking a lot of comfort from The Voice, as we are hearing in the United States increasingly making exactly that same argument. Today, the ITC in the US is holding hearings on the modernize NAFTA and one of the points which US companies, speaking at those hearings, have been making is the damage that the tooth do tariffs and the Canadian retaliation are doing not to us, but to the United States – and there have been a number of people just today at the ITC hearings calling on the US Administration to lift the 2-3-2 tariffs on, and I would just say I support that 100 %. Well, we have – and I was actually earlier today – our government is very supportive of the Canadian companies of the Canadian workers which are targeted by these illegal and unjustified terrorist. That’S why we have put a number of programs in place to support Canadian companies. The Judy drawback program, the safeguards and we are very keen to work with Canadian companies to help them get through this. This is absolutely an illegal and unjustified, and the government of Canada is there for Canadian companies. Oh deer wall in killing of Jamal khashoggi. We are very aware of the US Bank on certain Saturday individuals and we have been in close contact with the us about those make me sea sanction. Canada welcomes the US action when it comes to Canada. We all do have mcnitzky legislation in place, and that is a tool which we have found very useful in our foreign policy, and that is certainly something which, in the coming days, Canada is actively considering. These balls are trying to influence public opinion in this County, and, if so, what is being done about it? You said that I think that it is no secret to any Canadians that there has being there have in the past being active Russian efforts to interfere with the functioning of static politics in leading Western democracies. It would be naive of us to think that Canada could somehow be immune to those actions. Our government is very mindful of how precious our democracy is and of the absolute imperative to protect and defend our democracy from the line for an actor. So it’s something we are very mindful of my colleagues, Ralph Goodale and cream of ghouls are very involved, and it’s something that we work on with our partners in the G7, in NATO, on no problems auto center from Pearl of the prizes from the United States yesterday And I haven’t seen that report, but let me make it a couple more comments on section 2, 3 to our position from the very old sets from the first time that the US started. Talking about the section 232, steel and aluminum action was to make very clear to the US and chew the world that the section 2-3-2 consideration and the NAFTA talks were entirely separate issues and an entirely separate tracks, and that is not just a matter of opinion. That is a matter of law. Section 232 has no legitimate part in a trade negotiations. It is not a market access discussion. Section 2 3 2 can only be used by the US when it makes the case that it is facing a national security threat, and we were very clear to put issues like that into the NAFTA discussion be entirely inappropriate. So we have kept them very separate from the start. I do want to reiterate, though, is that we are very clear as well. Not only is imposition of the sexes, t32 steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada, unjustified it legal and absurd. It is every bit as harmful to the United States as it is to Canada and what we are seeing and what we will is mounting voices in the United States. Talking about the absurdity of the steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada, we’re hearing that from the business Community, we are hearing that from trade unions. We are hearing that from legislators as part of the ITC hearings on the new NASA today. One of the observations made by Americans was that it would make no sense for the u.s. tours ratify the new agreement without lifting the steel and aluminum Terrace in part, because the new rules of origin for cars that we agreed in updated NAFTA specify a certain level Of North American Steel, so if this agreement specifies that we need to be using North American Steel in cars to qualify for the NAFTA rules of origin, its kind of absurd to be imposing tariffs on Canadian steel – and I really hate them to add that this is Not an argument that I am making, I am quoting Americans speaking in the u.s. hearing on our updated agreement, and that is really common sense when we introduced our retaliation in response to the US, steel and aluminum Terrace, one of the things the Prime Minister said that Day, when we made is that she was confidence, but in the end Common Sense would Prevail and the Tariff would be lifted and I’m confident that that is the case too.
Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland continued to speak out against U.S. tariffs on Canadian aluminum and steel, saying they are “unjustified, illegal and absurd.”

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