Chuck Schumer: Donald Trump Bailed On Meeting To Throw Rose Garden Tantrum | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Chuck Schumer: Donald Trump Bailed On Meeting To Throw Rose Garden Tantrum | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Chuck Schumer: Donald Trump Bailed On Meeting To Throw Rose Garden Tantrum | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
He came into the room, made a statement that he made was, but I won’t even characterize it. Take just took a path, and it just makes me wonder why why she’s best? In any event, I pray for the president of the United States and I pray to the United States of America and please deal now to the distinguished Democratic leader of the Senate C and to watch what happened in the White House would make your jaw drop. Tell us what caused you to say that today me as far as we could tell from out here, the president was supposed to meet with you at the White House. He walked in, got upset, walked out, and then he went out to the Rose Garden announced that he won’t do. Anything else was President, unless all investigations into him our ended. It was a very weird thing to watch from afar. Can you tell us more about what actually happened? It’S so important to the the traditional infrastructure, roads and bridges, Water and Sewer green, clean infrastructure, building a power grid. So we could been billed will wind and solar and other parts of the country and bring the electricity here at electric cars way to charge them making homes and hospitals more energy efficient, bringing Broadband to Rural America and inner-city America. I had a 35 page document that I was ready to give the president and show him what we wanted to do, and we were just why what happened pregnant 3 weeks ago. We got him to say that he be for two trillion dollars of infrastructure. You said now, mr. president, you better show us how you going to pay for it, because in the past you haven’t done that he said sure I will. I think what happened is two things at once: Rachel first, they were just afraid, unable to put together any infrastructure plan and they found a very intelligent way to wiggle wiggle out of it. But II best vacations are really getting under his skin, because the courts in the last two days, as you mentioned earlier, have gotten right to the core of what Trump is most afraid of people looking at all the financial stuff, whether it’s being from the banks or From his account – and so this pre-plan there’s no question about it – he had that little sign out there in the Rose Garden. The minute I walked out of the meeting after he threw his temper tantrum. They have Fox News on and they were already talking about what the president was doing, and there was no way that they could have found out its unless they knew at a time. So the bottom line is that he had no intention of doing this and he’s just making showing how incapable he is being president. He can’t put together an infrastructure plan what she couldn’t have done and he is unable to face the truth at the meeting. He said she was on the most transparent president ever well. Mr. president, if you are released your tax returns tomorrow, games today is what the president was demanding with. The president was making this public demand about, is so impossible to Grant him. There’S no chance that the Congress is going to say: oh, we didn’t understand, you will work with us. If we stop investigating you, okay, then we’ll cancel all the investigation of insane and can’t imagine if that’s going to work, but I wonder if he is actually trying to effectuate that, like negotiations, are there in treaties being investigations in exchange for some deliverable from the White House are they actually trying to get that done? Absolutely not. We can do two things at once. In fact, the Constitution empowers Congress to both oversee the executive branch and pass legislation and, as you pointed out, other presidents have done that. In fact, other presidents have had the good sense to say see. I’M not so bothered by this I can function. Is president. What President Trump show today is that these investigations are so paralyzing him that he can’t function is Residence Inn do something that presidents have done since the early days, Henry Clay and Andrew Jackson and Teddy Roosevelt, and that is build infrastructure doing right now. You mention the prospect that the president is that these investigations are getting under his skin that potentially the taxes and financial information is particularly sensitive matter for him. New York State Legislature state to hand over his state tax returns if the tax-writing Committees in Congress wanted to see them as New York senior senator, I wondered what you thought of that and the News.. Apparently they don’t seem ready to Avail themselves of no. The second thought, I think it’s a great idea and I think they should use it every president, especially this president with so many Financial entanglements should be releasing their tax returns, and you know most members of Congress to send it. I’Ve been doing it, that’s an obligation. You have to the public, but when you think about it, these things get home. How do we know what three weeks ago, when we had our first meeting, the investigations were going on the president didn’t throw a temper tantrum, make a brief speech in stomp out and say their investigations going on. I think they it’s risen. The level of concern and agitation in the president’s own self has risen because of the last two days of court cases, because this was totally totally planned. The night before he wrote us a letter that he was going to discuss trade he’s flailing around cuz. He didn’t know how to do an infrastructure bill in the hard-right. Wouldn’T let him pay for it. You know we Democrats and proposed paying for it by reducing some of those tax cut that were made on the very wealthy, making them pay more and putting that into American jobs. That’S a great issue. He couldn’t do that cuz, he the right-wing is. It is totally totally have a Stranglehold on them and at the same time, agitated by these investigations that he use that as the excuse today, but it was pre-planned but pre-planned, probably six hours or a day earlier are the Democrats in the Senate is with us we’ll Be right back thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube. If you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you, can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list? Lots of other great videos,
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer talks with Rachel Maddow about how Donald Trump tried to cover for being ill prepared for an infrastructure meeting with Democratic leaders by putting on a temper tantrum spectacle for the media.
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Chuck Schumer: Donald Trump Bailed On Meeting To Throw Rose Garden Tantrum | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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