Chuck Schumer Slams President Donald Trump Tweet On 3D Gun Access As ‘Hypocrisy’ | NBC News

starting tomorrow as you know you’ll just need a little money and download of the blueprint to make a gun at home undetectable buy metal detectors already the damage has been done according to the New York post already more than a thousand people have downloaded plans to make AR style 3D printed gun and the band hasn’t been lifted yet the idea of these print on command ghost guns is every bit as scary as it sounds we should be doing everything in our power to make sure it doesn’t happen on issue after issue the Trump Administration them all when there’s a crisis is this a will look into it working with the NRA and then nothing happens sure is weird here today nothing is going to happen from this Administration will going to have to pass legislation because they are just enslaved by the NRA when the NRA says jump they say how high and the fact that the president said his first time this comes about he learned the weeks about it he says I’m going to consult with the NRA that shakes every Americans confidence that he really wants to do something this is the doing of the Trump Administration this is part of a long pattern of letting the gun lobby get whatever they want even if so is it risky even if terrorists could gain the upper hand he complains about terrorist crossing the border but he wants to let him have guns undetected what kind of hypocrisy is this what kind of Hip Hop is this the president’s tweet this morning get to the basic incompetence of his administration the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing it has real important consequences for the American people and that the administration’s erratic governing style they are fear and obeisance to the gun lobby is exactly why it’s incumbent on we in Congress to do everything to stop these websites for the damaged by mass shooter or a terrorist the curse NBC News viewers YouTube channel subscribe button down here and click on videos over here to watch the latest interview show highlights and digital exclusive thanks for watching
Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) called President Trump’s tweet on 3D gun access ‘hypocrisy’ saying the administration is ‘enslaved to the NRA.’
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Chuck Schumer Slams President Donald Trump Tweet On 3D Gun Access As ‘Hypocrisy’ | NBC News

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